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Author: 이윤아 (Lee Yuna)

“A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” is a contemporary romance novel written by the talented South Korean author 이윤아 (Lee Yuna). This novel falls into the romance genre, with a unique and engaging storyline that explores themes of love, cultural differences, and personal growth.

The novel’s value lies in its ability to captivate readers with a heartwarming yet thought-provoking narrative. Lee Yuna’s writing skillfully weaves together the lives of two protagonists from vastly different backgrounds who find themselves entangled in a complex web of emotions. As they navigate the challenges of cultural clashes and personal growth, readers will be drawn into a story that is not only about love but also about self-discovery and the power of human connection.

Readers interested in a romance novel that goes beyond the typical clichés, offering a fresh perspective on love and relationships while delving into the intricacies of cultural diversity, will find “A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” to be a compelling and rewarding read. Lee Yuna’s storytelling prowess and ability to create relatable characters make this novel a must-read for those seeking a unique and emotionally resonant romantic tale.


“A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” is a contemporary romance novel by 이윤아 (Lee Yuna) that follows the intertwining lives of two main characters, Seo-jin and Alex.

Plot: Seo-jin, a South Korean woman, and Alex, an American man, meet under unexpected circumstances in the bustling city of Seoul. Seo-jin, a passionate curator at a local museum, is struggling to balance her career and her conservative family’s expectations. Alex, an adventurous and free-spirited travel blogger, is on a journey to discover the world and find his place in it.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when Alex proposes a unique challenge to Seo-jin – to embark on a whirlwind romance and travel to ten countries together in one year, each with its own set of cultural challenges. As they navigate cultural differences, personal insecurities, and the complexities of their growing feelings for each other, the two protagonists embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and love.

Themes: The novel explores several themes, including:

  1. Cultural Differences: The clash of South Korean and American cultures provides a rich backdrop for the story. Readers witness how Seo-jin and Alex learn to understand and appreciate each other’s backgrounds.
  2. Love and Relationships: The novel delves into the complexities of modern relationships, highlighting the challenges of maintaining love amidst career pressures and societal expectations.
  3. Personal Growth: Both Seo-jin and Alex undergo significant personal growth throughout their journey, discovering more about themselves and their desires.

Unique Aspects: What sets “A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” apart is its unconventional premise. The novel blends elements of romance, travel, and personal development in a way that offers readers a fresh and engaging perspective on love and self-discovery. Additionally, Lee Yuna’s vivid storytelling and well-developed characters make the emotional journey of Seo-jin and Alex highly relatable and compelling. It’s a story that combines the allure of travel and adventure with the universal themes of love and personal growth, making it a stand-out read in the contemporary romance genre.

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Genre and Tags

“A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” falls primarily into the following genres and can be tagged as such:

  1. Romance: This novel is at its core a romance story, with a central focus on the developing relationship between the two main characters, Seo-jin and Alex.
  2. Contemporary Fiction: The story takes place in the contemporary world, reflecting modern societal norms, technology, and cultural influences.
  3. Cross-Cultural Romance: A significant theme in the novel revolves around the cultural differences between the Korean and American backgrounds of the protagonists. This adds depth and complexity to their relationship.

Themes: The novel explores themes such as:

  • Love and Relationships: The central theme is the romantic relationship between Seo-jin and Alex, including its challenges and growth.
  • Cultural Diversity: The clash and blending of South Korean and American cultures play a significant role in the story, enriching the narrative.
  • Personal Growth: Both protagonists undergo personal growth and self-discovery throughout their journey, making this a theme of importance.

Setting: The novel’s setting spans multiple countries as Seo-jin and Alex embark on a year-long journey to ten different nations, adding a unique travel aspect to the story. While much of the plot takes place in Seoul, the various international settings provide a diverse and visually appealing backdrop to the narrative.

Style: Lee Yuna’s writing style is likely characterized by vivid descriptions, emotional depth, and relatable character development. Her storytelling is engaging and offers readers a blend of romance, adventure, and self-discovery that sets the novel apart from more conventional romance narratives.

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“A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” by 이윤아 (Lee Yuna) offers readers a unique and engaging experience within the realm of contemporary romance literature. Its value lies in its ability to captivate readers with a heartfelt and thought-provoking narrative, blending themes of love, cultural diversity, and personal growth.

By delving into the complexities of a cross-cultural romance and taking readers on a journey to ten different countries, this novel offers a fresh and immersive reading experience. It goes beyond traditional romance clichés, exploring the intricacies of love amidst career pressures and societal expectations.

If you’re seeking a book that not only tugs at your heartstrings but also encourages self-discovery and celebrates the power of human connection, “A BARBARIC PROPOSAL” is a must-read. Lee Yuna’s storytelling prowess and well-crafted characters make this novel an enriching and emotionally resonant choice for readers who enjoy contemporary romance with a unique twist.

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