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“A Will Eternal” is a popular Chinese web novel written by the renowned author Er Gen, known for his contributions to the xianxia genre, a subgenre of fantasy literature. Originally published online, this novel falls into the category of xianxia, which is characterized by its focus on martial arts, immortality, and cultivation of power.

The novel follows the journey of Bai Xiaochun, a young man who unexpectedly finds himself in a world of martial arts and cultivation. Fueled by his desire for a carefree life and a strong desire to survive, Bai Xiaochun embarks on a comedic and adventurous quest filled with eccentric characters, magical powers, and unexpected twists.

Readers are drawn to “A Will Eternal” for its engaging storytelling, humorous elements, and the way it subverts typical xianxia tropes. Er Gen’s unique narrative style and memorable characters make this novel a captivating and entertaining read for those interested in fantasy, martial arts, and a touch of humor in their literary adventures.


“A Will Eternal” is a xianxia novel that follows the adventures of Bai Xiaochun, a young man who, through a series of humorous and unexpected events, becomes embroiled in the world of martial arts and cultivation.

Plot: Bai Xiaochun starts his journey seeking an easy, carefree life but ends up facing numerous challenges and adversaries. He enters the Spirit Stream Sect and navigates its complex hierarchy, all while striving to become more powerful and uncovering the secrets of cultivation. The plot is marked by humorous situations, magical battles, and Bai Xiaochun’s growth from a naive outsider to a formidable cultivator.

Themes: The novel explores themes of perseverance, ambition, and the pursuit of power. It delves into the dynamics of sects and martial arts clans, showcasing the ambition and rivalry that can arise within these societies. Additionally, the story balances its action-packed sequences with elements of comedy, making it stand out in the xianxia genre.

Main Characters:

  • Bai Xiaochun: The protagonist, known for his cowardly nature and desire for an easy life. However, he gradually develops into a powerful cultivator with a unique set of abilities.
  • Chen Manyao: A prominent character and love interest, she is a strong and enigmatic cultivator who forms a complex relationship with Bai Xiaochun.
  • Gongsun Wan’er: A mysterious and powerful figure who plays a significant role in the story’s overarching plot.
  • Various Sect Disciples: The novel features a colorful cast of disciples from the Spirit Stream Sect, each with their own quirks and abilities.

Unique Aspects: “A Will Eternal” stands out due to its comedic approach to the xianxia genre. While it incorporates traditional elements of martial arts and cultivation, it does so with a light-hearted and often humorous tone. Bai Xiaochun’s character development, from a reluctant novice to a cultivator with an unwavering will, adds depth to the story. Additionally, the novel’s blend of humor, action, and character-driven storytelling makes it a refreshing and engaging read in the world of xianxia literature.

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Author Information

Er Gen, whose real name is Li Xiaolong, is a Chinese web novel author known for his contributions to the xianxia and wuxia genres. He was born on February 9, 1981, in China. Er Gen gained widespread recognition and popularity within the online literature community for his engaging storytelling and unique approach to traditional Chinese fantasy genres.

Notable Achievements and Works:

  1. “I Shall Seal the Heavens”: This is one of Er Gen’s most acclaimed novels and a significant work that helped establish his reputation as a prominent author in the xianxia genre. The story follows the adventures of Meng Hao and is known for its intricate world-building, character development, and captivating plot twists.
  2. “Renegade Immortal” (Xian Ni): Another of Er Gen’s notable works, “Renegade Immortal” tells the tale of Wang Lin, a cultivator who embarks on a journey to seek immortality and redemption. The novel is praised for its rich storytelling and exploration of the consequences of power.
  3. “Beseech the Devil” (Qiu Mo): This is one of Er Gen’s earlier works and showcases his talent for creating intricate and captivating stories within the xianxia genre.

Er Gen’s novels often feature intricate plotlines, well-developed characters, and unique cultivation systems that set them apart from other works in the genre. His writing style combines action, adventure, and elements of comedy, making his novels enjoyable for a wide range of readers.

Er Gen’s success in the world of web novels has earned him a dedicated fan base and recognition as a prominent figure in the Chinese online literature scene. His ability to craft immersive fantasy worlds and explore profound themes within the context of martial arts and cultivation has solidified his position as a respected author in the genre.

Genre and Tags

“A Will Eternal” primarily falls into the following genres and can be associated with relevant tags:


  1. Xianxia: This is the primary genre of the novel, as it revolves around martial arts, cultivation, and the pursuit of immortality. Xianxia novels often feature powerful cultivators, magical abilities, and a focus on spiritual and martial growth.

Tags and Themes:

  • Comedy: One of the defining features of “A Will Eternal” is its comedic approach to the xianxia genre. It incorporates humor into various aspects of the story, including character interactions, situational comedy, and witty dialogue.
  • Adventure: The novel is filled with adventurous elements as the protagonist, Bai Xiaochun, navigates the challenges and mysteries of the Spirit Stream Sect and the wider world of cultivation.
  • Cultivation: Central to the xianxia genre, cultivation is a core theme in the novel. It explores the protagonist’s journey from a weak cultivator to a formidable martial artist and the various levels of cultivation.
  • Ambition: The story touches on themes of ambition as Bai Xiaochun strives to become more powerful and uncover the secrets of cultivation. It also explores the ambitions and rivalries among the sect’s disciples.
  • Sect Dynamics: The novel delves into the hierarchical and political structures of the Spirit Stream Sect, shedding light on the power struggles, alliances, and conflicts within the sect.

Setting: The novel is primarily set in a fictional world where martial arts and cultivation are central to society. Within this world, the Spirit Stream Sect serves as the primary backdrop for much of the story, with various sects, clans, and mystical locations playing key roles in the narrative.

Style: Er Gen’s writing style in “A Will Eternal” combines elements of traditional xianxia storytelling with a unique comedic flair. The humor and wit in the novel set it apart from many other works in the genre, making it an engaging and refreshing read for fans of xianxia and those looking for a lighthearted take on martial arts and cultivation themes.

How to Download A Will Eternal Novel

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“A Will Eternal” by Er Gen offers readers a delightful and entertaining journey into the world of xianxia, blending martial arts, cultivation, and humor in a way that sets it apart from the norm. Here’s why you should dive into this novel:

  • Unique Blend of Genres: This novel seamlessly combines the thrilling elements of the xianxia genre with humor and comedic situations, creating a refreshing and enjoyable reading experience.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Er Gen’s storytelling prowess shines through in the intricate plot, well-developed characters, and unexpected twists that keep readers eagerly turning the pages.
  • Character Growth: Follow the transformation of the protagonist, Bai Xiaochun, as he evolves from a timid outsider to a powerful cultivator with an indomitable spirit.
  • Rich World-Building: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and intricate world filled with sects, clans, mystical powers, and cultivation systems.

If you’re looking for a novel that combines action, adventure, and humor in a captivating way, “A Will Eternal” is a must-read.

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