Actually, I Was the Real One Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

“Actually, I Was the Real One” is a popular manhwa (Korean manga) created by Sam Woel, and it falls under the genres of Fantasy and Romance. It was initially published on September 30, 2020. The story revolves around Keira, who strives to be the perfect daughter to earn her father’s love, but her life takes a turn when another girl, Cosette, claims to be his real daughter, leading to Keira’s execution under the assumption of her being a fake.

This manhwa has been described as one of the most popular in its genres, hosted on various online manga platforms like MangaBuddy and MangaMirror, where it has over 124 and 125 translated chapters respectively, with ongoing translations for further chapters. It has been mentioned as a captivating read blending Drama, Fantasy, Romance, and Shoujo elements, and is noted for its intriguing story-line which seems to have resonated well with readers. On a Reddit thread, a user even listed it among their top 5 manhwa, indicating a positive reception among the audience.

Plot Overview

In “Actually, I Was the Real One,” the setting is a fantastical, historical realm with elements of romance. The protagonist, Keira, aspires to live as the perfect daughter to earn her father’s love. A major twist occurs when Cosette claims to be the real daughter, leading to Keira’s execution under a false assumption. The storyline unfolds as Keira navigates through the unexpected challenges and mysteries arising from Cosette’s claims, aiming to uncover the truth and regain her father’s recognition.

Main Characters

The narrative primarily revolves around Keira, striving for her father’s affection. When Cosette appears claiming to be the real daughter, it shakes the core of Keira’s world. Cosette becomes a key character whose claims lead to Keira’s life-altering challenges. The relationships among these characters are intricate and drive the story’s tension. Although the information about unique powers or attributes is limited, it’s hinted that there’s a mystical aspect surrounding the characters, with mentions of a powerful water elemental power in the story.


“Actually, I Was the Real One” reflects the growing global appreciation for manhwa, contributing to the diversification of the manga industry. It offers a blend of fantasy, romance, and historical elements, providing a rich narrative experience. Readers might find this manhwa appealing for its engaging storyline, complex character dynamics, and the emotional journey of the protagonist, Keira. Exploring this manga can be a doorway into the broader and evolving world of Korean manhwa, showcasing the creative storytelling techniques emerging from different cultural backgrounds.

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