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Title: Bones & All
Author: Camille DeAngelis
Genre: Horror Fiction

“Bones & All” is a horror fiction novel written by Camille DeAngelis. The story revolves around a young girl named Maren Yearly, who possesses a rather unusual and disturbing trait – she has an uncontrollable urge to consume the people she loves. Fearing her own predatory nature, Maren embarks on a journey of self-discovery, navigating through her desires and the challenges they bring. The novel delves into themes of identity, acceptance, and the struggle to belong, all within the context of a chilling and unsettling narrative.

The book stands out for its unique and unsettling premise, combining elements of horror and coming-of-age genres. It delves into the psychological and emotional turmoil of the protagonist, Maren, as she grapples with her cannibalistic inclinations. Readers interested in psychological horror and character-driven narratives will find “Bones & All” intriguing and thought-provoking. The novel challenges conventional notions of identity and explores the darker corners of human nature, offering a fresh perspective on the genre.

Camille DeAngelis’ writing skillfully delves into the depths of the human psyche, using Maren’s struggles to reflect on the universal themes of acceptance and belonging. The blend of horror and introspection creates an engaging narrative that prompts readers to question the boundaries of empathy and understanding. “Bones & All” invites readers to confront their own fears and explore the complexities of the human condition, making it a captivating choice for those seeking a haunting and thought-provoking read.


“Bones & All” follows the story of Maren Yearly, a teenage girl with a macabre secret: she has an insatiable urge to consume the people she loves. Fearing her own predatory nature, Maren leaves her home in search of answers and acceptance. Along her journey, she encounters a variety of characters who help her confront her inner demons and navigate the complexities of her desires.

The novel explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the struggle to belong. It delves into the darkest corners of human nature, challenging conventional notions of what it means to be human. The theme of self-discovery is intertwined with Maren’s efforts to understand and control her cannibalistic inclinations, raising questions about the nature of empathy and the choices we make to define ourselves.

Main Characters:

  1. Maren Yearly: The protagonist, a young girl plagued by a disturbing compulsion to consume those close to her. She embarks on a journey to find a way to fit into a world that doesn’t understand her.
  2. Liam: A boy Maren meets on her journey who becomes her confidant and love interest. He has his own secrets and struggles, and his presence complicates Maren’s quest for self-acceptance.
  3. Violet: An enigmatic woman who takes Maren under her wing and teaches her about survival and self-reliance. She plays a pivotal role in helping Maren confront her desires and face the realities of her nature.

What sets “Bones & All” apart is its daring exploration of taboo themes within the context of a coming-of-age story. The blend of horror and introspection creates a narrative that delves into the psyche of the characters while examining broader questions about morality, humanity, and belonging. The novel doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable, making it a standout work that challenges both the genre’s conventions and readers’ comfort zones. Through its haunting premise and character-driven approach, “Bones & All” leaves a lasting impression that goes beyond typical horror fiction.

Bones & All Novel PDF Download

Author Information

Camille DeAngelis is an American author known for her unique and thought-provoking storytelling. She was born on February 23, 1978. DeAngelis is recognized for her ability to blend genres and explore unconventional themes in her works. She has a background in writing and literature, which is evident in the depth of her narratives and the complexity of her characters.

Notable Achievements and Other Works: Camille DeAngelis has written several novels that showcase her versatility and creative depth. In addition to “Bones & All,” some of her other notable works include:

  1. “Mary Modern” (2007): A novel that blends historical fiction with speculative elements, exploring the life of a medical student who becomes obsessed with reanimating the dead.
  2. “Petty Magic” (2010): A story that combines magical realism and historical fiction, featuring a young woman who discovers she has the power to communicate with animals.
  3. “Immaculate Heart” (2016): This novel delves into the life of a young woman named Teresa, exploring her experiences and relationships as she navigates her own unconventional path.

Camille DeAngelis is celebrated for her ability to tackle complex and challenging themes within engaging narratives. She often weaves elements of the supernatural or the unconventional into her stories, pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

“Bones & All” stands as one of her most distinctive works, showcasing her willingness to explore the darker aspects of human nature while maintaining a focus on the emotional and psychological journey of her characters. Through her novels, DeAngelis offers readers a unique perspective on familiar themes, making her a notable voice in modern fiction.

Genre and Tags

The novel explores dark and taboo themes such as cannibalism, identity, acceptance, and the struggle to belong. It delves into the psychological and emotional turmoil of its characters, particularly the protagonist Maren, as she grapples with her disturbing compulsions. The setting can vary as Maren embarks on a journey, encountering different places and people, which adds to the sense of dislocation and exploration.

The writing style combines vivid descriptions with introspective narration, drawing readers into the minds of the characters and their inner conflicts. The blend of horror elements with a coming-of-age narrative creates a unique tension between the supernatural and the emotional, making readers question the boundaries between empathy and repulsion. The story’s exploration of the dark corners of human nature and its emphasis on self-discovery lend it a psychological depth that goes beyond typical horror fiction.

Camille DeAngelis employs a character-driven approach, allowing readers to connect deeply with the protagonists’ struggles and motivations. The narrative’s willingness to confront uncomfortable truths and challenge conventional norms adds layers of complexity to the storytelling. As a result, “Bones & All” stands out as a thought-provoking and haunting work that lingers in the mind of its readers.

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“Bones & All” offers readers a captivating and thought-provoking experience that goes beyond traditional horror fiction. Its daring exploration of taboo themes, combined with its character-driven narrative, creates a unique blend of horror, coming-of-age, and psychological introspection. As you delve into the story of Maren Yearly and her unsettling compulsions, you’ll find yourself contemplating profound questions about identity, acceptance, and the darkness that can reside within us all. Camille DeAngelis’ skillful writing and her ability to evoke empathy for even the most unusual of characters make this novel a truly engaging and haunting read.

If you’re intrigued by stories that challenge the boundaries of genre and explore the depths of human nature, “Bones & All” is a must-read. To discover more captivating books, explore our website for recommendations and insights. Whether you’re a fan of horror, psychological thrillers, or character-driven narratives, you’ll find a wealth of content that will spark your curiosity and keep you engaged. Venture into the world of “Bones & All” and other thought-provoking works to enrich your reading journey.

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