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“CEO Above, Me Below” is a manhua (Chinese comic) also known as “Bossy President” or “Zongcai Zai Shang.” It was initially released in 2018, with ongoing status, but some sources mention a 2017 release. The story centers around a British-born Eurasian woman and a beautiful cartoonist tied together by an imaginary child, delving into themes of romance and drama.

The manhua is attributed to various creators, with Jiang Xiaoya and iCiyuan or iCiyuan Dongman being the most frequently mentioned names. However, there’s a discrepancy as Novel Updates lists Jiang Xiaoya as the sole author and mentions it was first published in 2017 by Quyuewang.

The series comprises various genres including romance, drama, josei (targeted towards young adult women), and psychological themes, among others.

Despite its popularity, as indicated by the millions of views and thousands of bookmarks on different manga reading platforms, the series has garnered mixed reviews. On Baka-Updates Manga, it has an average rating of 4.4 out of 10, based on 38 votes​. Other platforms show varying ratings: 3.7 out of 5 on MANHWATOP​, 3.8 out of 5 on JIN​, and 3.9 out of 5 on ZINMANGA, among others.

The manhua’s impact on the industry isn’t readily available from the gathered data. Its ongoing publication, with hundreds of chapters and translations, indicates a substantial readership, but there’s no information on awards, recognitions, or notable industry impact.

The narrative seems to revolve around dramatic and romantic interactions between the characters, with some sources describing it as a romantic comedy.

Plot Overview

In “CEO Above, Me Below,” the story unfolds in a modern setting, presumably within a bustling urban environment reflective of contemporary corporate and social dynamics. The narrative is anchored around the complex relationship between two individuals brought together under unusual circumstances.

The protagonist, Baihe, finds herself in a tricky situation where she must agree to become a surrogate mother to save her family’s business. The wealthy CEO, Lu Xingzhi, is the other key character whose life becomes entwined with Baihe’s due to this arrangement. The comic explores themes of romance, drama, and personal dilemmas against a backdrop of corporate intrigue and societal expectations.

The primary goal of Baihe is to navigate the challenges posed by her agreement with Lu Xingzhi while attempting to salvage her family’s financial situation. On the other hand, Lu Xingzhi has his objectives, which unfold as the story progresses. They both face numerous challenges, primarily revolving around their agreement, personal feelings, and the repercussions of their decisions on their lives and those around them.

The manga delves into the emotional and social complexities faced by the characters, with a significant portion of the narrative dedicated to the evolving relationship between Baihe and Lu Xingzhi. Without divulging major plot points, readers can expect a roller-coaster of emotions, dramatic revelations, and the characters’ struggle to find a balance between personal desires and external pressures.

Their journey is laden with misunderstandings, emotional turmoil, and the endeavor to resolve the intricate web of issues surrounding them, making “CEO Above, Me Below” a romantic drama filled with both heartfelt and challenging moments.

Main Characters

In “CEO Above, Me Below,” the narrative revolves around the complex interactions between the two primary characters:

  1. Baihe:
    • Role: Baihe is the female protagonist who finds herself entangled in a contractual agreement to save her family’s business.
    • Relationships: Her main relationship is with Lu Xingzhi, the wealthy CEO, due to their surrogacy agreement. Over time, their relationship evolves amidst misunderstandings and emotional entanglements.
    • Unique Attributes: Baihe doesn’t possess any supernatural powers, but her resilience, determination, and moral compass are noteworthy. Her struggle to uphold her end of the bargain while dealing with emotional turmoil showcases her strength and depth of character.
  2. Lu Xingzhi:
    • Role: Lu Xingzhi is the male protagonist and a wealthy CEO who enters into a surrogacy agreement with Baihe for personal reasons.
    • Relationships: His primary relationship is with Baihe, and their interactions form the crux of the storyline. His authoritative and sometimes cold demeanor clashes with Baihe’s more compassionate and moralistic stance, leading to a complex and evolving relationship.
    • Unique Attributes: Similar to Baihe, Lu Xingzhi doesn’t have any supernatural powers. His wealth, status, and the power he wields in the corporate world set him apart. His character explores the dichotomy of a powerful man grappling with personal desires and external expectations.

The drama, misunderstandings, and evolving emotions between Baihe and Lu Xingzhi are central to the narrative of “CEO Above, Me Below.” Through their journey, readers explore themes of love, responsibility, and the quest for personal happiness amidst societal pressures.


“CEO Above, Me Below” holds a place within the larger context of manhua, Chinese comics, which have been growing in popularity alongside Japanese manga and Korean manhwa. It delves into the modern-day romantic and corporate drama, portraying the struggles, emotions, and complexities of human relationships. The story reflects on societal expectations, personal desires, and the inherent dilemmas faced by individuals when dealing with love and responsibility.

The importance of this manhua may lie in its exploration of modern romantic relationships set against a backdrop of corporate dynamics, providing a narrative that might resonate with readers experiencing similar life situations or those interested in modern-day romantic dramas.

For readers, “CEO Above, Me Below” offers a chance to delve into a romantic story laden with dramatic twists and emotional depth. The evolving relationship between the protagonists, Baihe and Lu Xingzhi, provides a nuanced look at human emotions and the moral dilemmas faced by individuals in the modern world. The story may offer an emotional roller-coaster, moments of self-reflection, and a glimpse into the intricacies of modern relationships.

Moreover, being a part of the burgeoning manhua culture, exploring “CEO Above, Me Below” could also serve as a gateway for readers to delve deeper into Chinese comics, understanding the cultural nuances and storytelling techniques unique to this genre.

In summary, “CEO Above, Me Below” might appeal to readers who enjoy romantic dramas with a touch of real-world dilemmas, and those curious about exploring narratives beyond the more mainstream Japanese manga and Korean manhwa.

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