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Chasing His Brother’s Bride Novel PDF Full Episode – In the shadows of a glittering Las Vegas, where opulence and secrets intertwine like a dangerous dance, we meet Jolie Segreto Haversham, a young woman whose life was once filled with promise and happiness. But fate has a cruel way of spinning its web, and Jolie’s world crumbled when her father, a trusted bookkeeper for the formidable Cacciola family, was ensnared in a perilous act of embezzlement.

The unforgiving tendrils of destiny tighten their grip as the youngest scion of the Cacciola empire, Valentin, demanded an unthinkable price for her father’s transgressions—a price that left Jolie with no sanctuary and no protector. For eight agonizing months, she became a captive in her own existence, subject to Valentin’s capricious whims, fueled by drugs and rage.

But as the darkest nights often yield a glimmer of hope, one fateful evening saw Valentin meet a bullet’s cold embrace, leaving Jolie battered and broken in the wake of his demise. In her desperate flight from the hospital, she sought refuge far from the neon glow of Las Vegas, finding solace in the shadowed alleys and historic streets of Boston.

Enter Brixton Beckwith, the enigmatic older half-brother to Valentin, and the heir to the Cacciola dynasty. He is a man hardened by life’s relentless trials and a bounty hunter by trade. Tasked by his father to find the elusive girl who had endured his brother’s torment, Brixton embarked on a relentless pursuit spanning six long years, but Jolie remained the one that got away.

Fortune, however, has a peculiar way of orchestrating reunions, and Brixton’s path unexpectedly crosses Jolie’s when he takes control of a realty firm in Boston. Little did Jolie know that her past, cloaked in shadows and secrets, would come to light, thrusting her once again into the treacherous orbit of the Cacciola family.

As the Cacciola clan discovers Jolie’s hidden truths, they insist on her integration into their world, this time through a marriage to the eldest son of Don Cacciola himself. But Jolie had already experienced the bitterness of a forced union, and the specter of lost freedom looms ominously. What perplexing forces, then, draw her to the over-protective, domineering figure of Brixton Beckwith? What mysteries and surprises lie beneath the veneer of the Cacciola empire, and how will Jolie navigate the tempestuous waters of her own heart?

In “Chasing His Brother’s Bride” by Tatienne Richard, Jolie is poised on the precipice of a decision that could either ensnare her further or set her free. This runaway bride is about to embark on a journey where danger, passion, and unexpected revelations collide, leaving her with a choice: seize the incredible surprises life offers or release them into the abyss.

About the Novel

Title Chasing His Brother’s Bride
Author Tatienne Richard
Publisher Dreame
Genre Action, Adventure
Language English

Synopsis of Chasing His Brother’s Bride Novel

Jolie Segreto Haversham had once been a young woman with the world at her feet, happy and thriving. Her world came tumbling down when her father, a bookkeeper for the Cacciola family was caught skimming the books. When the youngest son of the Don demanded Jolie be given to him as payment, there was nobody to stop the mafia son.

For eight months, Valentin Cacciola used Jolie however he saw fit. One night, after he’d passed out after a drug fueled rage, someone put a bullet in his forehead, leaving Jolie battered and bruised in the bed next to his cold body. Escaping from the hospital knowing the Cacciola family was on the hunt for her, she left the bright lights of Vegas to hunker down in the city of Boston.

Brixton Beckwith, older half-brother to Valentin and heir to the Cacciola throne was given an order by his father. Find the girl his younger brother had tortured and make sure she didn’t spill their secrets to the feds. For six years she is the only one he, the bounty hunter in his family, never found. Purely by happenchance, Brixton stumbles across his brother’s bride working in the realty firm he’s just taken control of.

When the Cacciola family find out Jolie’s secret, they insist she be brought into the fold and what better way than to marry the eldest son of Don Cacciola. Jolie had already married one brother against her will and the bitter taste of having her freedom ripped away again should be resting unfavorably on her tongue.

What then did it mean when Jolie finds herself strangely attracted to the over-protective, domineering muscular man who took control of every aspect of her life? Jolie is going to find out, not everything in the Cacciola is what it seems and when she least expects it, life can throw the most incredible surprises. It’s up to her whether to catch it or let it go. What is a runaway bride to do?

How to Read Chasing His Brother’s Bride Novel Full Episode

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“Chasing His Brother’s Bride” is a literary gem waiting to be discovered, and Dreame is your gateway to this enchanting tale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic story; download Dreame today and embark on an unforgettable reading adventure.


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