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In the bustling heart of the city, amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, Layla found herself at a crossroads. Her world had crumbled, her heart shattered, as she made the painful decision to end her relationship with her longtime boyfriend. But Layla was not one to be defeated by adversity. With determination burning in her soul, she resolved to chart a new course, one filled with purpose.

Her dearest friend’s life hung in the balance, a cruel diagnosis of chronic ulcer casting a shadow over their lives. Desperate to raise the funds needed for life-saving treatment, Layla knew she had to take drastic measures. Her gaze turned toward the towering, glass-encased headquarters of the city’s largest film company, White Wolf. It was here, among the glimmering lights and silver screens, that Layla dared to dream.

And dream she did, for against all odds, Layla secured the job she had long yearned for. It was her golden ticket, her passport to a brighter future. But fate, as it so often does, had other plans in store. In the grand tapestry of her life, Layla was soon to encounter a twist that would leave her reeling.

A chance meeting, an accidental collision of destinies, brought her face to face with the enigmatic president of White Wolf, a man whose power and charisma were as undeniable as they were intimidating. But Layla’s world would soon tilt on its axis when an unexpected proposition hung in the air, a proposal that she couldn’t afford to refuse.

To save her job, to secure the means for her friend’s treatment, Layla was offered an irresistible deal—she had to become the president’s fiancée, a charade that would last for two long months. A seemingly straightforward arrangement, she thought, but Layla was about to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of secrets, intrigue, and a family dynamic she could never have imagined.

As Layla crossed the threshold into the president’s world, she was greeted by a sight that defied belief—a man who bore an uncanny resemblance to the president stood before her, a mirror image of the enigmatic executive. Layla’s heart raced, her mind racing to make sense of this surreal revelation.

“The contract is for you… just you, right?” she ventured, her voice trembling with trepidation.

The president, with a sly smirk that sent shivers down Layla’s spine, responded, “You didn’t read it?” Her blood ran cold as the weight of her situation became clear.

A cryptic smile graced the president’s lips as he revealed the astonishing truth. “You are our fiancée, and we will be spending time together. Oh, and he is my twin brother. Lucius and Darius Winston, welcome to the family,” he declared, casting Layla into a world of mystery, intrigue, and passion she could never have anticipated.

In “Contracted With My Alpha Twin Bosses,” Layla’s life takes a thrilling and unexpected turn as she navigates the intricacies of her new role, unraveling the secrets that bind her to the enigmatic Winston brothers and forever altering the course of her destiny.

About the Novel

Title Contracted With My Alpha Twin Bosses
Author Christylooknice
Publisher GoodNovel
Genre Comedy
Language English

Synopsis of Contracted With My Alpha Twin Bosses Novel

Layla ended her relationship with her boyfriend and decided to focus on her life and also planned to raise some money to save her best friend’s life who was diagnosed with chronic ulcer. And the only way to get some such money was to apply for a job application in the biggest film company in the city … White Wolf. Layla finally got the dream job she wanted but, unfortunately, things didn’t go the way she wanted after she had encountered herself in a terrible situation with the president of the company. In the midst of losing her job. She was given an irresistible offer by the president. She had to pretend to be his fiancee for two months and started living with him. Since she couldn’t reject the offer, she accepted it. It was the only way for her to keep her job and get more money for her friend’s treatment. but unknown to her, it was more than she thought. There was a secret behind this president and she was the answer to this secret. The next day, Layla arrived at his house. She was shocked to the bone at what she saw. There was someone else standing close to the president who looked exactly like him! “The contract is for you… just you, right?” Her heart stopped again as she waited for him to give her an answer. ” You didn’t read it?” He asked with a smirk. Blood drained from Layla’s face. “You are our fiancee and we will be spending time together. Oh, and he is my twin brother. Lucius and Darius Winston, welcome to the family” he said with a mysterious grins on his face.

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