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Title: Gourmet of Another World
Author: Li Hongtian
Genre: Fantasy, Culinary, Adventure

“Gourmet of Another World” is a fantasy novel written by Li Hongtian. Set in a captivating world, the story blends elements of fantasy, adventure, and culinary arts. The plot revolves around a young chef, Meng Hao, who discovers a mysterious and magical space that connects his world with various other realms. In this space, he sets up a unique food stall that offers delicacies from across the multiverse. As patrons and beings from different worlds visit his stall, Meng Hao embarks on culinary adventures, creating exceptional dishes while uncovering the secrets of this extraordinary place.

The novel offers a delightful fusion of fantasy and gastronomy, appealing to readers who enjoy imaginative world-building, adventurous quests, and delectable descriptions of food. With a blend of intricate world exploration, intriguing characters, and the universal theme of the love of food, “Gourmet of Another World” creates a captivating reading experience. The novel’s ability to transport readers to diverse realms through the magic of cooking, while exploring themes of friendship, discovery, and the art of cuisine, makes it a must-read for those seeking a unique and immersive literary journey. Whether one is a fan of fantasy, culinary arts, or simply enjoys imaginative storytelling, “Gourmet of Another World” offers a flavorful and enchanting narrative that promises to engage and satisfy a wide range of literary tastes.


In “Gourmet of Another World,” Meng Hao, a talented young chef, stumbles upon a mysterious interdimensional space that houses a food stall. This stall connects various worlds, allowing beings from different realms to experience the delectable creations of his culinary expertise. As he serves customers ranging from powerful cultivators to mythical creatures, Meng Hao discovers that the energy from the food he prepares can be used to cultivate and strengthen these beings. With each dish he concocts, he not only satisfies appetites but also forges unexpected friendships and alliances.

The novel follows Meng Hao’s culinary adventures as he navigates the challenges of cooking for diverse and sometimes otherworldly palates. Alongside his loyal pet, a little chick, and his encounters with intriguing characters, he unravels the mysteries of the space and its connection to his own world. As the story progresses, Meng Hao’s culinary skills become legendary, and he faces both lighthearted and perilous situations, including culinary competitions and battles against formidable foes.

Themes: The novel explores themes of discovery, friendship, the power of food to bridge cultural and dimensional gaps, and the impact of one’s passion on others. The art of cooking becomes a unifying force, transcending boundaries and fostering connections between beings from disparate backgrounds.

Main Characters:

  • Meng Hao: The protagonist, a skilled chef, and the heart of the story. His dedication to cooking and his genuine nature make him a likable character who brings people together through his food.
  • Little Chick: Meng Hao’s adorable pet companion, with unexpected abilities that contribute to the story’s charm.
  • Various Patrons: The beings from different worlds who visit Meng Hao’s stall. These patrons have diverse personalities, backgrounds, and appetites, adding depth and variety to the narrative.

Unique Aspects: What sets “Gourmet of Another World” apart is its ingenious fusion of fantasy and gastronomy. The concept of using food as a conduit for adventure and character development is refreshing and inventive. The novel’s ability to seamlessly blend culinary creativity with otherworldly exploration creates a captivating reading experience that appeals to fans of both fantasy and food-related literature. As readers delve into the story’s rich tapestry of flavors and dimensions, they are treated to a one-of-a-kind narrative that stimulates both the imagination and the senses.

Gourmet of Another World Novel PDF Download

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Author Information

Li Hongtian is a prolific Chinese author known for his imaginative storytelling and unique blend of fantasy and culinary themes. While specific details about his personal life are limited, his literary contributions have garnered significant attention in the realm of web novels and fantasy literature.

Li Hongtian gained prominence with his popular web novel “Gourmet of Another World.” The novel’s creative premise, which intertwines the worlds of fantasy and gastronomy, showcases Li Hongtian’s ability to craft engaging narratives that resonate with a diverse readership.

“Gourmet of Another World” stands as one of Li Hongtian’s standout works, capturing the hearts of readers with its inventive plot and richly developed characters. The novel’s success has led to its adaptation into various forms of media, including audiobooks and graphic adaptations, further solidifying Li Hongtian’s influence in the literary world.

While “Gourmet of Another World” has been a hallmark of Li Hongtian’s career, he has likely contributed to other projects as well. His unique approach to storytelling and his knack for combining unexpected themes have established him as a notable voice in contemporary Chinese fantasy literature. Li Hongtian’s ability to transport readers to captivating realms through his words has earned him a dedicated following, and his work continues to inspire those who appreciate the magic of creative storytelling.

Genre and Tags

“Gourmet of Another World” masterfully blends fantasy, culinary arts, and adventure. The novel’s primary themes include discovery, the power of food to connect individuals from diverse backgrounds, and the exploration of different dimensions. Through the lens of cooking, the story explores the intersections between cultures, dimensions, and appetites, emphasizing the universal nature of good food and the bonds it creates.

The setting encompasses various realms, both mundane and fantastical, linked through the mysterious interdimensional space that houses Meng Hao’s food stall. Readers are taken on a journey through a richly imagined multiverse, each world uniquely shaped by its inhabitants and landscapes. The narrative style is engaging, with vivid descriptions of mouthwatering dishes, imaginative locations, and the camaraderie that forms among characters.

The novel’s pacing oscillates between moments of lighthearted interactions and intense culinary competitions, seamlessly transitioning between action, exploration, and character development. The protagonist’s personal growth is intertwined with his culinary pursuits, creating a dynamic arc that resonates with readers who enjoy both character-driven stories and epic adventures. Overall, the fusion of fantasy elements, culinary creativity, and thematic depth makes “Gourmet of Another World” a captivating read that appeals to a broad audience.

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Embark on a journey like no other with “Gourmet of Another World.” This captivating novel weaves together the enchanting realms of fantasy and the tantalizing art of cooking to create a truly unique reading experience. Join Meng Hao, a talented chef, as he whisks you away to an interdimensional space where culinary creations hold the power to bridge worlds and forge unbreakable bonds.

Indulge in the mouthwatering descriptions of dishes that transcend time and place, and immerse yourself in a multiverse filled with captivating characters and breathtaking landscapes. The novel’s exploration of themes like friendship, discovery, and the magic of cuisine will resonate with your senses and heart alike.

Are you ready to savor the fusion of fantasy and flavors? Dive into “Gourmet of Another World” and experience the literary feast that awaits you. For more captivating stories and engaging content, don’t hesitate to explore our website. Your next literary adventure begins here!

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