Hidden Marriage Novel Full Episode – 囧囧有妖

Title: Hidden Marriage
Author: 囧囧有妖 (Jiong Jiong You Yao)
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

“Hidden Marriage” is a popular Chinese web novel written by the author 囧囧有妖 (Jiong Jiong You Yao). The novel falls under the romance and contemporary fiction genres. It gained significant popularity in the online literature community and has been well-received by readers.

The novel revolves around the story of a young woman who finds herself in a unique situation – she wakes up one day to discover that she has a husband she doesn’t remember marrying. As she delves into the mystery of how she ended up in this marriage, the story unfolds with a blend of romance, humor, and intrigue.

“Hidden Marriage” explores themes of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships in a modern context. The author masterfully weaves together a narrative that keeps readers engaged with its unexpected twists and turns, heartwarming moments, and witty dialogues.

Readers who enjoy romantic novels with a touch of humor, strong character development, and a captivating storyline will likely find “Hidden Marriage” appealing. The exploration of the characters’ personal growth and the unraveling of the mystery behind the hidden marriage adds depth to the plot, making it a delightful read for those interested in contemporary romance fiction.


“Hidden Marriage” follows the story of a young woman named Ning Xi, who wakes up one day to find herself married to a wealthy and mysterious businessman, Lu Tingxiao. The catch is, she has no memory of how they got married. As Ning Xi navigates her new life as a wife, she uncovers layers of complexity in her relationship with Lu Tingxiao, discovering his caring nature and the reasons behind their hidden marriage.

Themes: The novel explores themes of love, identity, personal growth, and the intricacies of human relationships. It delves into how two people can grow and evolve together, even under unconventional circumstances, and how love can gradually develop amidst misunderstandings and challenges.

Main Characters:

  • Ning Xi: The protagonist, a determined and talented young woman with dreams of becoming a successful actress. She’s initially baffled by her sudden marriage but eventually learns to embrace her new life and the feelings she develops for Lu Tingxiao.
  • Lu Tingxiao: The enigmatic male lead, a successful CEO with a hidden past. He’s not just a cold and distant businessman – he’s also caring, protective, and devoted to Ning Xi, despite the unconventional start to their relationship.

Unique Aspects: What sets “Hidden Marriage” apart is its blend of romance and humor, which adds a lighthearted touch to the story. The gradual development of love and trust between Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao, as well as the mystery surrounding their hidden marriage, keeps readers engaged and invested in the characters’ journey. The novel skillfully balances heartwarming moments with unexpected twists, making it a standout in the romance genre.

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Author Information

The author of “Hidden Marriage,” known by the pen name 囧囧有妖 (Jiong Jiong You Yao), is a talented and popular figure in the realm of Chinese web novels. Despite a somewhat mysterious public profile, their writing has left a significant impact on the online literature community.

Notable Achievements: 囧囧有妖 has gained widespread recognition and a dedicated fan base for their engaging storytelling and unique narrative style. “Hidden Marriage” is one of their most well-known works, celebrated for its blend of romance, humor, and intriguing plotlines.

Other Works: While “Hidden Marriage” is a standout work, 囧囧有妖 has likely contributed to other web novels or stories within the Chinese online literary landscape. The author’s ability to craft compelling characters and weave captivating tales has likely extended to other projects as well.

Relevance: 囧囧有妖’s writing style, characterized by its ability to draw readers into the lives and emotions of characters, has made a lasting impression on fans of contemporary romance fiction. The author’s knack for combining romance with humor and mystery has cemented their place as a respected figure within the genre, and “Hidden Marriage” remains a prime example of their storytelling prowess.

Genre and Tags

“Hidden Marriage” falls primarily into the Romance genre, with elements of Contemporary Fiction and Comedy. Some relevant tags and descriptors for the novel could include: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Modern Drama, Marriage of Convenience, Character Growth, Intrigue, Strong Female Lead, Billionaire CEO, Hidden Identity.

Themes and Setting: The novel explores themes of love, personal growth, identity, and the complexities of relationships. It takes place in a modern urban setting, often revolving around the glamorous world of showbiz and the corporate world. The story delves into the characters’ struggles and growth as they navigate their feelings for each other and deal with the challenges that arise from their unconventional situation.

Style: 囧囧有妖’s writing style in “Hidden Marriage” is characterized by a skillful blend of emotional depth and comedic moments. The author creates a balance between heartwarming scenes that reveal the characters’ vulnerabilities and humorous interactions that add lightness to the story. The mystery surrounding the hidden marriage and the gradual unfolding of the characters’ backgrounds add layers of intrigue and suspense to the narrative, keeping readers engaged and eager to uncover the secrets within the story.

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Dive into the captivating pages of “Hidden Marriage,” a mesmerizing romance novel that skillfully blends heartwarming moments with delightful humor and intriguing mysteries. Join Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao on a journey of unexpected love, personal growth, and the unraveling of secrets that will keep you eagerly turning the pages.

Immerse yourself in the modern setting of bustling cities, glittering showbiz, and powerful CEOs, all while experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions that come with an unconventional romance. As Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao’s relationship develops amidst misunderstandings and surprises, you’ll find yourself rooting for their love to blossom against all odds.

If you’re a fan of romance that tugs at your heartstrings, sprinkled with laughter and suspense, “Hidden Marriage” is the perfect novel for you. Get ready to lose yourself in a world where love is hidden, surprises are abundant, and every page brings a new twist to the story.

Ready to embark on this enchanting journey? Start reading “Hidden Marriage” today and explore more captivating content on our website. Unveil the magic of love, mystery, and personal growth that awaits within these pages.

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