I Thought It Was Time! Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

“I Thought It Was Time!” is a manga series released in 2022. The narrative follows Lariette Blanche, who, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness with only three months to live, decides to create a bucket list to fulfill before her passing. The creators of this manga are listed as Ari Choi, Hyeyong, and artist Essie, with the original work being in Korean and translated to English for broader accessibility.

It’s positioned within the genres of Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, and Shoujo, and also encompasses elements of Comedy, Drama, and Webtoons. The manga is ongoing and is available for reading in the top-to-bottom reading direction typical to Manhwa and Manga.

The manga has garnered attention online, with one platform showing it has over 4.3 million views, indicating its popularity among readers. It’s also noted for its genres, blending a light-hearted romantic narrative with more somber thematic elements of mortality and personal fulfillment.

Plot Overview

The world of “I Thought It Was Time!” is rooted in a contemporary setting with a blend of fantasy elements. As the story unfolds, readers are introduced to a reality where the protagonist, Lariette Blanche, faces an impending mortality due to a terminal illness diagnosis. This real-world scenario is juxtaposed with a touch of fantasy, allowing for a layered narrative exploration.

In a brief synopsis without delving into major spoilers, upon receiving the terminal diagnosis with only three months left to live, Lariette decides to create a bucket list of experiences she wishes to have before her time runs out. This bucket list symbolizes her desire to live a fulfilling life, despite the constrained time frame she has been given.

Lariette’s primary goal is to navigate through this list, seeking a sense of closure and fulfillment in her remaining days. The challenges she faces are multifaceted; from the emotional turmoil of her diagnosis, the pressure of time ticking away, to the interpersonal relationships that are tested and formed along her journey. Through these challenges, Lariette’s story explores themes of mortality, hope, self-discovery, and the essence of human connection.

The tale of “I Thought It Was Time!” unfolds as Lariette embarks on this personal journey, endeavoring to leave no regrets behind and to find a newfound appreciation for life, even as she confronts the reality of her imminent demise.

Main Characters

The key characters in “I Thought It Was Time!” include:

  1. Lady Lariette: The protagonist diagnosed with a terminal illness, later revealed to be a misdiagnosis. She engages in daring acts, including romantic entanglements, under the impression of her limited lifespan​1​.
  2. Lariette’s Fiancé: Involved in a complicated relationship with Lariette as she explores life under the false premise of her imminent demise.
  3. The Monster Duke: Another significant character with whom Lariette forms a relationship, adding to the story’s drama and complexity.

The narrative delves into their evolving relationships amidst the backdrop of Lariette’s supposed terminal condition, leading to various dramatic and comedic situations.


“I Thought It Was Time!” reflects a creative blend of real-world issues with romantic and fantasy elements, showcasing the versatility of manga in exploring diverse themes. Its engaging narrative invites readers to ponder life’s impermanence while enjoying a captivating story. This manga, through its unique storyline and relatable emotions, contributes to the broader palette of narrative explorations within the manga industry. Readers may find “I Thought It Was Time!” a worthwhile read for its heartfelt narrative, humor, and imaginative setting, making it a notable addition to their manga exploration.

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