I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

The manga series “I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother” revolves around a character named Ethel who, after reincarnating into her favorite novel, marries the female lead’s brother Liena. However, she soon grows weary of her husband who only cares for his sister and decides to file for divorce. This manga falls under the genres of Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance, and Webtoons. The story was created by the author Oaen and illustrated by Aloha, and it was released in 2023.

It’s identified as one of the popular manga in its genre on MangaPuma, a top manga site, indicating a positive reception among readers. While there is no precise ranking or detailed initial reception available, the manga has been ongoing with translations for new chapters in progress, hinting at a sustained reader interest​5​. Another source, Boxnovel, shows a high rating of 4.9 out of 5, albeit from a small number of raters, and mentions that it has 369 monthly views.

Plot Overview

In “I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother,” the story unfolds in a fantastical setting, blending elements of drama, romance, and the unique format of Manhwa—a South Korean style of comic books or graphic novels. The protagonist, Ethel, finds herself reincarnated into her favorite novel, which sets the stage for a narrative intertwined with the whimsical and the romantic.

The narrative kicks off with Ethel’s marriage to Liena, the brother of the female lead in her cherished novel. However, the marital bliss she might have anticipated is quickly overshadowed by Liena’s overwhelming affection for his sister, which leaves Ethel feeling neglected and unloved in her new marriage.

Ethel’s central goal evolves around seeking happiness and genuine connection, which she initially hoped to find in her marriage to Liena. However, the emotional detachment and Liena’s unyielding focus on his sister pose as primary challenges to Ethel’s pursuit of a fulfilling marital life. Ethel’s discontentment with her marriage leads her to make a bold decision—filing for a divorce, which is quite a dramatic turn considering her once fanciful love for the novel’s world she’s now living in.

As Ethel navigates the intricacies of her marriage, her desires, and the peculiar reality she’s found herself in, readers are taken along a journey that explores themes of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness amidst the whimsical backdrop of a romantic fantasy setting.

Main Characters

The key characters in “I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother” contribute to a narrative that intertwines personal relationships with fantastical elements. Here’s a brief description of the central characters and their roles:

  1. Ethel:
    • Role: Ethel is the protagonist who finds herself reincarnated into her favorite novel.
    • Relationships: She marries Liena, the brother of the novel’s female lead, seeking a fulfilling marital life.
    • Unique Attributes: Ethel’s ability to recognize the narrative from her past life as a novel allows her a unique perspective on the unfolding events.
  2. Liena:
    • Role: Liena is the brother of the novel’s female lead and becomes Ethel’s husband.
    • Relationships: His relationship with Ethel is strained due to his overwhelming affection for his sister, which leaves Ethel feeling neglected.
    • Unique Attributes: His attachment to his sister is a distinct attribute that drives the narrative forward and shapes his relationship with Ethel.
  3. Female Lead (Name not specified):
    • Role: The female lead of the novel into which Ethel is reincarnated plays a pivotal role in the story, although indirectly, by being the focal point of Liena’s affection.
    • Relationships: Her brother’s (Liena’s) affection for her is the root cause of the marital discord between Ethel and Liena.
    • Unique Attributes: The female lead’s role is crucial in propelling the story forward, particularly in highlighting the conflict in Ethel and Liena’s marriage.

The narrative is enriched by these characters’ interactions and the emotional intricacies stemming from their relationships. The fantasy setting combined with the romantic and dramatic themes provides a vivid backdrop against which these characters evolve and navigate their personal challenges.


“I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother” offers a blend of fantasy, romance, and drama encapsulated in the Manhwa format—a South Korean style of comics. This manga represents a part of a growing global appreciation for Korean cultural exports, including K-dramas, K-pop, and now Manhwa, which showcases the richness and diversity of storytelling techniques from different parts of the world.

Though the specific impact of this manga on the broader industry isn’t extensively documented, its narrative richness and unique premise contribute to the ever-evolving manga/manhwa culture. The story’s unique angle of a protagonist reincarnated into a novel’s world, entangled in a complex marital relationship, touches on themes of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness, which are universal and resonate with a broad spectrum of readers.

Moreover, the high rating on some platforms suggests a positive reception within its reader community, hinting at a quality of engagement that is often sought after in this genre. Additionally, the popularity mentioned on MangaPuma indicates a level of recognition and acceptance in the manga community.

Readers seeking a narrative that blends the whimsical with emotional depth, set against a fantastical backdrop, may find “I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother” an intriguing read. The characters, their interpersonal dynamics, and the unique premise provide a fresh narrative experience that could be both entertaining and thought-provoking. The manga also offers a chance to delve into Korean storytelling aesthetics, providing a culturally enriching experience while exploring universal themes.

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