Into the light once again Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

The manga “Into the Light, Once Again” was created by Tikatika Yuya and was published on September 2, 2021. It narrates the story of a princess falsely accused of a crime against her sister, leading to a riveting narrative as she navigates through her adversities.

Plot Overview

In “Into the Light, Once Again,” the protagonist is thrust into a perilous situation after being wrongfully accused of attempting to murder her saintly younger sister. Set in a fantastical realm filled with intrigue and danger, she must navigate a path of redemption to clear her name. Her primary goals revolve around uncovering the truth behind the false accusations and restoring her tarnished reputation, while facing myriad challenges posed by those who wish to see her fall.

Main Characters

The manga “Into the Light, Once Again” features a variety of characters, each with unique roles and attributes. Below is a brief description of some key characters and their relationships:

  1. Aisha de Elmir:
    • She is the main protagonist of the story and the first princess of the Elimire Empire. In her previous life, she was known as Alissa and was framed by her sister for attempted poisoning. She desires not to be reborn again after facing such a grave accusation.
    • Unique Attribute: She’s tagged as a ‘Spirit Seer,’ which might hint at some special ability to communicate with or see spirits.
  2. Marianne del Edenverre:
    • She is the sister who allegedly frames Aisha for attempted poisoning. Marianne is adored by her family and is particularly cherished by Aisha before the accusation.
  3. Adeline Del Edenverre, Aldief Rioten, Almina Rioten, and Arsen:
    • They are listed as secondary or minor characters, with Adeline tagged as Royalty, Aldief and Almina as Adult Foreigner Royalty, and Arsen as an Adult Magic User.


“Into the Light, Once Again” encapsulates the allure of a fantastical narrative woven with royal intrigue and mystical elements, which are characteristic of engaging manga. While there’s limited information regarding its broader impact on the manga industry, its thematic resonance could reflect or contribute to the ongoing discourse around themes of redemption, familial bonds, and the quest for truth in fictional storytelling.

The story offers a blend of emotional and adventurous arcs which may appeal to readers who enjoy complex character dynamics and a rich, imaginative setting. By delving into a world where loyalty is tested and identities are rediscovered, readers are likely to find a compelling narrative that explores the nuances of trust and the journey toward reclaiming one’s honor.

The unique attributes of the characters, especially the protagonist’s ability as a ‘Spirit Seer’, add a layer of intrigue that can enthrall readers looking for a touch of the supernatural in a royal drama setting. If you appreciate a narrative that intertwines personal struggle with broader existential themes within a beautifully crafted fantastical realm, “Into the Light, Once Again” could be a rewarding read.

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