Invincible to 100 Hits Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

“Invincible to 100 Hits” is a manga series categorized under action, drama, fantasy, manhwa, webtoons, full color, historical, and martial arts genres, and is based on a web novel​. The storyline revolves around Yeon Hwicheon from the Yeon Clan who is deceived by the Dam Clan into an arranged marriage as they are after his Sect’s Divine Treasures. Despite having an unsightly scar on his face, Yeon Hwicheon meets his kind-hearted wife, Dam Hwayeon, and they embark on a trouble-free life together​.

The manga is authored by Wonhee Lee, and it carries a rating of 4.36, indicating a positive reception among readers​​. It was published on the Kakao Webtoon platform starting in 2023​.

Plot Overview

The world of “Invincible to 100 Hits” is set in a historical, martial arts-oriented backdrop, with clans and sects holding significant influence. The Yeon Clan, to which the protagonist Yeon Hwicheon belongs, is notably in possession of treasured divine items that are coveted by other clans, especially the Dam Clan.

In a schemed arrangement by the Dam Clan, Yeon Hwicheon finds himself married under deceptive pretenses. Despite the scar on his face, which could be a symbol of past strife or challenges, he meets his compassionate wife, Dam Hwayeon, who becomes a source of comfort and partnership in his life.

The narrative subtly hints at a peaceful existence for Yeon Hwicheon and Dam Hwayeon, but the lurking ambitions of the Dam Clan are a constant threat to their tranquility and the safety of the Yeon Clan’s divine treasures. The primary challenge for Yeon Hwicheon is to navigate through the deceptive plots of the Dam Clan while preserving the honor and treasures of his own clan. The protagonist’s goals may extend to securing a safe and honorable life for himself and his wife, defending his clan’s heritage, and possibly, seeking retribution or justice against the deceit and threats posed by the Dam Clan.

This setting lays down a fertile ground for a tale of adventure, action, loyalty, and the exploration of personal and familial honor in a world governed by martial prowess and clan allegiances.

Main Characters

Certainly! The key characters in the “Invincible to 100 Hits” manga include:

  1. Yeon Hwicheon:
    • Role: He is the protagonist of the story, belonging to the Yeon Clan which is known for its Divine Treasures. Yeon Hwicheon seems to be at the center of the unfolding drama and action due to the coveted treasures of his clan.
    • Relationships: He is married to Dam Hwayeon through an arranged marriage scheme orchestrated by the Dam Clan.
    • Unique Attributes: While there isn’t explicit information on any unique powers, the unsightly scar on his face might symbolize past battles or a significant event in his life.
  2. Dam Hwayeon:
    • Role: She is introduced as Yeon Hwicheon’s wife, and despite the circumstances of their marriage, she appears to be kind-hearted and a source of support for Yeon Hwicheon.
    • Relationships: Her marriage to Yeon Hwicheon is a central aspect of her character.
    • Unique Attributes: Her kind-hearted nature sets her apart in a setting where deceit and conflict seem prevalent.
  3. Members of the Dam Clan:
    • Role: They are antagonists in the story, orchestrating deceitful plans to acquire the Divine Treasures of the Yeon Clan.
    • Relationships: Their actions are in opposition to the interests of Yeon Hwicheon and his clan.
    • Unique Attributes: Their deceitful tactics and possibly their ambition for power are their defining attributes.

These characters navigate a world filled with martial arts, clan allegiances, and the constant struggle for honor and power. The relationships and dynamics among these characters are likely to evolve as they face challenges, uncover deceit, and strive to protect or attain the Divine Treasures.


The importance of “Invincible to 100 Hits” within the broader context of the manga industry or culture isn’t extensively documented, so it’s challenging to provide a definitive impact statement. However, the manga’s mix of historical, martial arts, and dramatic narrative elements contribute to the rich and diverse tapestry of storytelling found in the manga and manhwa (Korean manga) landscape. By blending action, adventure, and interpersonal relationships with a historical backdrop, it offers a window into a fantastical martial world, a theme that has always held a distinctive allure in Eastern storytelling traditions.

This manga might appeal to readers who enjoy stories set in meticulously crafted martial and historical worlds, filled with clan rivalries, cherished traditions, and the personal journeys of individuals caught in larger-than-life circumstances. The rating of 4.36 for this manga indicates a positive reception among its readers, hinting at a level of engagement and satisfaction that potential readers might find appealing​.

In closing, “Invincible to 100 Hits” could offer a captivating blend of action, drama, and martial arts narrative, with the added intrigue of familial and clan dynamics. The unfolding story of Yeon Hwicheon and his navigation through a world of deceit, loyalty, and martial valor could provide an engaging read for those intrigued by such thematic elements.

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