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Title: Let Me Game in Peace
Author: Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel
Genre: LitRPG, Fantasy, Adventure

“Let Me Game in Peace” is a LitRPG (Literary Role-Playing Game) novel written by the author Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel. The story is set in a world where gaming and reality intersect in a unique and immersive way. The protagonist, Zhou Wen, discovers that he can control his real-life actions by playing video games, essentially making his gaming skills a part of his everyday life.

The novel’s value lies in its exploration of the balance between virtual and real worlds, as well as the concept of harnessing virtual skills for tangible gains. It blends elements of fantasy and adventure with gaming mechanics, making it an engaging read for both gamers and those interested in thought-provoking speculative fiction. As the protagonist navigates challenges and quests, readers are treated to a mix of action, strategy, and personal growth.

Readers who enjoy stories that delve into the possibilities of merging technology, fantasy, and reality will find “Let Me Game in Peace” captivating. The novel offers a fresh take on the LitRPG genre, inviting readers to consider the potential consequences and benefits of having game-like abilities in the real world.


“Let Me Game in Peace” follows the story of Zhou Wen, a young man who discovers he can use his gaming skills to manipulate reality. In a world where virtual gaming and real life are interconnected, Zhou Wen gains the ability to enhance his physical abilities by playing video games. As he navigates his newfound power, he encounters various challenges and quests, both in the gaming world and reality.

Themes of the novel revolve around the balance between virtual and real worlds, the potential consequences of blending technology and reality, and the personal growth that comes from facing challenges head-on. The story explores the notion of harnessing virtual skills for real-world gains, prompting readers to consider the ethical and practical implications of such a concept.

The main character, Zhou Wen, is a relatable protagonist who must learn to adapt to his unique abilities while facing the choices and dilemmas that arise from them. His journey is marked by self-discovery, growth, and the complexities of managing his virtual and real-life personas.

What sets “Let Me Game in Peace” apart is its innovative take on the LitRPG genre, merging the excitement of gaming mechanics with a thought-provoking exploration of how virtual skills could impact the real world. This novel engages readers through its dynamic mix of action, strategy, and introspection, appealing to both gamers and fans of speculative fiction.

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Author Information

The author of “Let Me Game in Peace,” Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel, is a pseudonymous writer known for their contributions to the LitRPG and fantasy genres. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, specific biographical details about the author are limited, possibly due to the nature of using a pen name.

“Let Me Game in Peace” is one of the standout works attributed to Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel. The author’s skill in blending gaming elements with engaging storytelling has earned them recognition within the LitRPG community. The novel’s popularity is a testament to the author’s ability to create a captivating narrative that resonates with fans of both gaming and speculative fiction.

Genre and Tags

“Let Me Game in Peace” falls primarily into the LitRPG genre, which stands for Literary Role-Playing Game. It incorporates elements of fantasy and adventure while focusing on the concept of integrating video game mechanics and tropes into a fictional narrative. The novel revolves around the interaction between virtual gaming and the real world, blurring the boundaries between the two.

Themes: The novel explores themes related to the balance between virtual and real worlds, the consequences of merging technology with reality, and the ethical implications of using virtual skills in real-life situations. It delves into the idea of personal growth through challenges, as the protagonist learns to navigate both the gaming realm and his own reality.

Setting: The story takes place in a world where virtual reality and real life coexist in a unique way. The setting showcases various virtual gaming environments alongside the protagonist’s experiences in the physical world, highlighting the intriguing interplay between the two realms.

Style: The novel’s style is dynamic, blending action-packed scenes within both the gaming and real-world contexts. It combines strategic thinking, exploration, and character development, offering readers a multifaceted narrative experience. The incorporation of gaming mechanics, such as skill systems, quests, and levels, adds a layer of immersion that resonates with fans of the LitRPG genre.

Overall, “Let Me Game in Peace” presents a compelling exploration of how gaming elements can impact reality, appealing to readers interested in the intersection of technology, fantasy, and personal growth.

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“Let Me Game in Peace” offers readers a captivating journey into a world where virtual gaming and real life seamlessly merge, creating a narrative that engages both the imagination and intellect. With its unique blend of LitRPG, fantasy, and adventure genres, this novel invites you to explore the possibilities of using virtual skills in the real world and the challenges that arise from such a concept.

As you follow Zhou Wen’s experiences, you’ll find yourself pondering the intricate balance between virtual and reality, contemplating the ethical dilemmas of harnessing game-like abilities, and rooting for his personal growth in the face of challenges.

If you’re a fan of gaming, speculative fiction, or simply enjoy thought-provoking narratives, “Let Me Game in Peace” is sure to provide an exciting and enriching reading experience. To discover more about this novel and explore related content, consider visiting our website, where you can delve deeper into the themes, characters, and innovative storytelling that make this book stand out. Embark on a journey that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real, and join us in exploring the boundless worlds of imagination and adventure.

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