Living as a Maid in Confinement Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

“Living as a Maid in Confinement” is a manhwa, Korean manga, where the protagonist, an ordinary office worker in Korea named ‘Yoo Jeong-in’, finds herself transmigrated into the role of ‘Rosé’, a maid in a tower alongside a prince, after a car accident. The story unfolds as Rosé, fearing death once the prince leaves the tower, attempts to negotiate with him to ensure her safety, although the prince’s behavior begins to change, raising doubts about her survival.

The series is created by Yeonhan, illustrated by D.Rano, and was initially published in 2023 by Daum. It is serialized on KakaoPage and Daum webtoon platforms, indicating its originality as a webtoon before being available in other languages.

Plot Overview

“Living as a Maid in Confinement” unfolds in a fantastical realm where the protagonist, Yoo Jeong-in, an ordinary office worker from South Korea, transmigrates into a novel as ‘Rosé’, a maid trapped in a tower alongside a prince, following a car accident. This setting intertwines modern-day elements with a fairy tale-like ambiance, providing a canvas for the drama and romance genres to play out.

In terms of synopsis, upon waking up as Rosé, Yoo Jeong-in realizes the perilous situation she’s in. The original Rosé had confined the prince in the tower, and as the narrative of the novel dictates, the prince’s departure from the tower would spell doom for Rosé. Fearing for her life, she seeks to negotiate a deal with the prince to ensure her safety, establishing rules like no physical contact without consent and no harm towards her once he leaves the tower. However, the prince’s behavior starts to change, and the straightforward agreement seems to become increasingly complex, raising doubts about her survival and her ability to return to her former world.

The protagonist’s primary goal is to navigate this perilous and unexpected situation, ensuring her survival and ideally, finding a way back to her original world. The challenges she faces include adhering to the stringent and dangerous narrative of the novel she’s found herself in, the changing behavior of the prince, and the uncertainty surrounding her existence in this fantastical world. Through these challenges, the story explores themes of consent, survival, and the unpredictable nature of human interactions in extraordinary circumstances.

Main Characters

In “Living as a Maid in Confinement”, the key characters and their dynamics play a pivotal role in advancing the narrative:

  1. Yoo Jeong-in (Transmigrated as Rosé):
    • Role: The protagonist who finds herself transmigrated into a novel as ‘Rosé’, a maid who has confined a prince in a tower. Her primary objective is to ensure her survival and possibly find a way to return to her original world.
    • Unique Attributes: Her modern-day knowledge and experiences from South Korea set her apart in this fantastical setting, potentially providing her with unique insights and strategies.
  2. The Prince:
    • Role: A royal figure who has been confined in a tower by Rosé. His freedom is closely tied to Rosé’s fate, and his changing behavior adds complexity to the narrative.
    • Relationship with Rosé: Initially, their relationship is based on mistrust and a need for survival, leading to a negotiated agreement for co-existence. However, as the story progresses, their dynamics begin to evolve, although the initial mistrust and the dangerous premise of their interaction remain constant.
  3. Original Rosé (Before transmigration):
    • Role: The original maid who confined the prince in the tower. Her actions set the stage for the dangerous circumstances Yoo Jeong-in finds herself in after transmigration.
    • Unique Attributes: Her obsession with the prince and the consequential actions set a perilous narrative in motion, which Yoo Jeong-in must navigate.

These characters, with their distinct traits and evolving relationships, contribute to the entangled and precarious situation central to the storyline. Each character’s decisions and interactions with one another significantly impact the unfolding events, making the character dynamics a crucial element of the narrative.


“Living as a Maid in Confinement” is a part of the growing trend of isekai (alternate world) genre, specifically the sub-genre of transmigration into books or historical/fantasy settings, reflecting modern-day individuals’ escapism desires and the imaginative explorations of “what if” scenarios. Nevertheless, its genre blend of drama, fantasy, romance, and its unique premise set in a fantastical realm may appeal to readers who enjoy these thematic elements.

The manga showcases a distinct narrative of navigating unexpected and perilous circumstances, with a modern-day protagonist finding herself in a medieval, fairy tale-like setting. This blend of modern sensibilities with fantastical elements provides a fresh narrative arc that explores survival, consent, and the evolution of relationships under extraordinary circumstances.

Readers who are intrigued by the concept of transmigration, complex character dynamics, and a blend of modern and fantastical elements might find “Living as a Maid in Confinement” an engaging read. The evolving relationship between Rosé and the prince, coupled with the overarching threat to Rosé’s survival, creates a suspenseful narrative that keeps the readers invested in the unfolding drama.

Lastly, its adaptation from a novel to a manhwa reflects a broader trend in the manga/manhwa industry of bringing popular web novels to life in visual formats, which in turn might intrigue readers to explore the original novel as well as the manhwa, contributing to a richer reading experience.

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