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The manga series “Positively Yours” was created by Lee Jung (story) and Kang Ki (art). It is a romance genre manhwa (Korean manga) that was published from June 8, 2020, to March 14, 2022. The story revolves around Hee-won, who becomes pregnant and decides to marry the baby’s father, Doo-joon, for the sake of providing a proper family for the baby. The series has 8 volumes with a total of 82 chapters. It was serialized by various publishers including Naver Corporation, Lezhin Entertainment Inc., Kakao Corp., Ridi Corporation, comico, Bomtoon, and Mr.Blue Corp.

“Positively Yours” received mixed reviews. Some readers appreciated the development of the characters and found the confessions between the lead characters sweet and genuine. They particularly enjoyed seeing Hee-won, the female lead, invest more in the relationship over time. However, others found the starting premise cliché and uncomfortable, criticizing the lead female character’s actions and finding the story unrealistic and frustrating.

It was mentioned in one of the sources that “Positively Yours” has been adapted into a K-drama, indicating a level of popularity and impact beyond the manga community, though the details about the adaptation were not elaborated upon. Moreover, there are lists recommending manhwa similar to “Positively Yours” for those interested in themes of love, friendship, and personal development, suggesting that it has a recognizable thematic presence in the manhwa community.

The series was also mentioned to have originated from a light novel, suggesting a cross-medium narrative expansion. Despite its mixed reception, the continued engagement with “Positively Yours” in different formats suggests that it holds a place in contemporary manga/manhwa culture.

Plot Overview

“Positively Yours” is set in a modern-day context where the protagonist, Hee-won, finds herself navigating the unexpected consequences of a one-night stand. After discovering that she’s pregnant, Hee-won decides to marry the baby’s father, Doo-joon, aiming to provide a stable family environment for the coming child despite the circumstances under which their relationship started.

Without delving into major spoilers, the narrative explores the evolving dynamics between Hee-won and Doo-joon as they attempt to build a life together from a rather unconventional beginning. Their relationship unfolds with both sweet and challenging moments as they come to terms with their new reality and the responsibilities it entails.

Hee-won’s primary goal is to ensure a good life for her unborn child, even if it means stepping into a marriage with someone she barely knows. Her challenges mainly revolve around overcoming the initial awkwardness and building a genuine connection with Doo-joon, all while preparing for motherhood. On the other hand, Doo-joon, portrayed as a kind and understanding character, seems willing to support Hee-won in her journey, although he too has to navigate the unexpected waters of sudden fatherhood and marriage.

As the story progresses, Hee-won and Doo-joon experience personal growth and explore the essence of family, love, and commitment amidst the unexpected circumstances they find themselves in. Through the ups and downs of their relationship, “Positively Yours” delves into themes of personal development, love, and the complexities of modern relationships.

Main Characters

In “Positively Yours,” the narrative primarily revolves around two key characters, with others playing supporting roles in their evolving story:

  1. Hee-won:
    • Role: She is the protagonist of the story, a young woman who finds herself pregnant following a one-night stand.
    • Relationships: The primary relationship explored in the story is between her and Doo-joon, the father of her unborn child. Over time, their relationship evolves from being mere acquaintances to something more profound as they navigate the complexities of an unexpected pregnancy and marriage.
    • Unique Attributes: Hee-won is initially portrayed as somewhat passive but as the story unfolds, she undergoes personal growth. Her journey towards becoming more assertive and open in her relationship with Doo-joon forms a significant part of the narrative.
  2. Doo-joon:
    • Role: Doo-joon is the male lead in the story, who steps up to take responsibility by marrying Hee-won following the unexpected pregnancy.
    • Relationships: His main relationship is with Hee-won, and much of the story explores their evolving dynamics as they prepare for parenthood.
    • Unique Attributes: Doo-joon is often seen as the “prince charming” figure, being understanding, patient, and supportive towards Hee-won despite the unusual circumstances of their relationship.

The story also introduces other characters who play varying roles in Hee-won and Doo-joon’s life, such as their friends, family, and colleagues, each contributing to the unfolding narrative in different ways. However, the story mainly pivots around Hee-won and Doo-joon’s efforts to build a life together amidst unexpected circumstances. Through the interactions and relationships among these characters, “Positively Yours” delves into themes of love, commitment, and personal growth.


“Positively Yours” offers a narrative that intertwines romance with the complexities of unexpected life events, echoing a modern-day dilemma that many individuals may encounter. In a broader cultural context, it reflects on the evolving definitions of family and relationships in contemporary society. Its popularity to the extent of being adapted into a K-drama indicates its resonance with audiences, which is a testament to its cultural relevance and impact.

The manga also contributes to the diversity of themes explored within the romance genre in manhwa (Korean manga), adding to the richness of storytelling in this medium. By engaging with real-life situations and the emotions that come with them, “Positively Yours” provides a window into the human experience, making it a significant piece within the romance genre of manga/manhwa.

Readers who are keen on exploring narratives that delve into personal growth, love, and the intricacies of modern relationships might find “Positively Yours” a captivating read. The evolving dynamics between Hee-won and Doo-joon, coupled with the challenges they face, offer both a heartwarming and realistic exploration of life’s unpredictabilities. Through its pages, readers are likely to encounter moments of self-reflection, understanding, and perhaps a fresh perspective on the essence of relationships and family. This manga could be a worthwhile exploration for those intrigued by a story that mirrors the unpredictability of life while spotlighting the potential for personal development and love amidst unexpected circumstances.

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