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Rejected Protector Novel PDF Full Episode – In the heart of a world hidden from mortal eyes, where the moon’s silver glow holds secrets deeper than the darkest of nights, a story unfolds that defies the very essence of rejection. “Rejected Protector,” penned by the imaginative quill of LottaP, invites you into a realm where destinies are woven by ancient forces, and friendships are tested in the crucible of fate.

Meet Seleste, a pure-blood Gamma, born under the watchful eye of the supernatural goddess herself. Her strength and fierceness are matched only by her unwavering dedication to safeguarding her fellow supernaturals. Her destiny, chosen by divine hand, places her at the center of an intricate web of prophecies.

Then there’s Trevor, the future alpha of the mighty Blood Moon pack. A bond forged since birth with Seleste, he stands as her steadfast friend. But their unbreakable connection faces its ultimate challenge when Trevor, driven by pride and ambition, challenges Seleste to a fateful training match. A match he loses.

In the aftermath of his defeat, Trevor’s vow to reject Seleste if she proves to be his mate sets in motion a chain of events that will forever alter the course of their lives. With the bond of mates severed, they embark on separate journeys of self-discovery and power.

As Seleste unlocks the depths of her hidden potential and embraces her newfound purpose, Trevor treads the treacherous path of self-reflection. For his rejection of his best friend forces him to confront the demons within himself, ones that threaten to consume him whole.

Yet, even as the threads of their destined love unravel, a looming darkness threatens the supernatural world they both hold dear. Together, they must confront their past and find a way to work in harmony to save their kind from impending catastrophe.

“Rejected Protector” is a tale of resilience, forgiveness, and the enduring power of friendship. In the midst of rejection, Seleste and Trevor will discover that their destinies are intertwined not by the bonds of mates, but by a far greater purpose—one that could tip the scales in favor of the supernatural realm or plunge it into eternal darkness.

About the Novel

Title Rejected Protector
Author LottaP
Publisher Dreame
Genre Werewolf, Action
Language English

Synopsis of Rejected Protector Novel

This is not your typical rejection story.

Seleste and Trevor were friends since birth. Trevor is the future alpha and Seleste is the future gamma and also the goddess’ chosen Protector of all supernaturals. Things take a turn for the worst when Trevor challenges Seleste to a training sparing match and lose. Trevor vows to reject Seleste if she is his mate…

Seleste is a pure-blood Gamma. She is the chosen one of her generation. She is strong and fierce. After being rejected, she finds herself, discovers her power and her purpose.

Trevor is the future alpha of Blood Moon pack. He is traveling down the road of destruction until he rejects his best friend and has to take a long look at his life.

Although no longer mates, the two have a major role to play in saving the supernatural world. Will they learn to forgive and work together?

How to Read Rejected Protector Novel Full Episode

“Rejected Protector” is a captivating novel that promises to keep you thoroughly entertained. To dive into this exciting literary adventure, all you need is the Dreame application, readily available for download on the Google Play Store. To get started, simply head over to the Play Store and type “Rejected Protector” into the search bar. Once you locate the Dreame application, proceed with the download.

“Rejected Protector” is a literary gem waiting to be discovered, and Dreame is your gateway to this enchanting tale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic story; download Dreame today and embark on an unforgettable reading adventure.


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