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“Return Of The Dragon Lord” is a novel by Snowwriter, listed under Urban/Realistic genre on MegaNovel. It spans 167 chapters and has garnered 37.2k views. The story revolves around a protagonist who, after being saved from death by a girl, returns three years later to protect her and seek revenge against his foes​. This snippet provides a glimpse into the novel; for more details and to gauge its popularity and the anticipation for its sequel, you might want to explore reader reviews and author’s notes below.

Background of the Novel

The novel “Return Of The Dragon Lord” is set in a contemporary urban environment, where the protagonist, after a near-death experience, sets out on a journey of revenge and protection three years later. The primary character is named Avon, whose life takes a turn after being saved by a girl, leading to the unfolding events of the story. The novel, penned by Snowwriter, aligns with the Urban/Realistic genre, a part of modern-day storytelling that often explores realistic scenarios with a touch of imaginative elements, adding a fresh narrative to the broader literary landscape.

Plot Synopsis (without spoilers)

In “Return Of The Dragon Lord,” Avon is the main character who finds himself in an urban, realistic setting. The core conflicts revolve around revenge and protection, themes frequently explored in the narrative. As Avon navigates through challenges, readers encounter intriguing moments filled with drama, the struggle for power, and the unexpected turn of events as he strives to protect the girl who once saved his life. This novel piques curiosity through its well-crafted scenarios, encouraging readers to delve deeper into Avon’s journey amidst a world of realism intertwined with extraordinary circumstances.

Key Features & Highlights

The novel “Return Of The Dragon Lord” offers an engaging narrative with its urban realism merged with a quest for revenge and protection. The world-building encapsulates modern-day settings with a touch of intrigue, while character development, particularly of Avon, adds depth to the story. While I cannot provide direct quotes or scenes, readers may find Avon’s journey and his evolving relationships captivating. For a richer understanding of its unique selling points, standout quotes, or scenes, it’s advisable to delve into the novel on the MegaNovel platform.

How to Read Return Of The Dragon Lord Novel PDF Full Episode

Read Return Of The Dragon Lord Novel PDF Full Episode


“Return Of The Dragon Lord” offers a modern-day narrative intertwined with themes of revenge and protection. Its digital availability on MegaNovel allows easy access for readers to delve into this captivating story. Engaging with the novel could lead to a thrilling literary adventure. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences in the comments section, fostering a community of discourse and appreciation for the narrative crafted by Snowwriter. Your insights could spark interesting discussions and enrich the reading experience for others on this digital platform.

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