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“Solo Leveling” is a Korean webtoon based on a web novel by an author known as Chugong. The story was initially serialized on Kakao’s digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage from July 25, 2016, and later published in full by D&C Media under their Papyrus label on November 4, 2016. The manhwa adaptation, with illustrations by DUBU, launched in March 2018 and concluded in December 2021. It was further serialized in a webtoon format on KakaoPage from April 13, 2018, with the artwork done by artists Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak, concluding on December 29, 2021, with 179 chapters.

The series has been officially published in book format by D&C Media since September 26, 2019. After the original series ended, side stories began serialization on January 20, 2023, drawn by Disciples following the death of original artist Sung-rak Jang. The series has been widely recognized for its impact on the manhwa (Korean manga) industry, drawing in a global fanbase and contributing to the growing popularity of manhwa worldwide. This popularity has also been reflected in the series’ ratings and reviews, with a score of 8.671 on MyAnimeList, ranked #58, and achieving a popularity rank of #7, based on user scores and reviews.

“Solo Leveling” has not only garnered a substantial reader base but has also contributed to the increasing attention towards manhwa from the anime industry. It’s noted that the series is among others like “Tower of God” and “The God of Highschool” that have piqued the interest of the anime community due to their compelling stories, with a Solo Leveling anime adaptation being highly anticipated. Furthermore, the Solo Leveling franchise is described as one of the biggest South Korean multimedia franchises, showcasing the substantial impact it has had in the manga industry, particularly in Korea.

Plot Overview

The world of “Solo Leveling” is set in an alternate reality in Korea, where monsters from another dimension have begun to invade through portals known as “gates.” To combat this threat, governments around the world have sanctioned the creation of “hunters,” individuals bestowed with superpowers to fight and eliminate these monsters. These gates connected the real world with the monster world, and some individuals received the power to hunt monsters within these gates, becoming known as “Hunters”.

The protagonist of the story is Sung Jin-Woo, initially an E-rank Hunter, known as the weakest hunter. His primary goal evolves over the series, but initially, it revolves around surviving the perilous monster hunts he is involved in due to his weak status. However, as the story progresses, Sung Jin-Woo’s ambitions grow, and his quest becomes one of becoming the strongest S-Rank hunter.

The primary challenges Sung Jin-Woo faces initially are his lack of strength and the disdain from other hunters, which often puts him in life-threatening situations during monster raids. As he discovers a way to “level up” and improve his abilities, his challenges shift to larger threats, both from the monstrous invasions and from other powerful entities within the hunter community and beyond. This “leveling up” aspect of the story is a critical part of the narrative, presenting Sung Jin-Woo with continuous challenges to overcome and goals to achieve as he strives to protect humanity from the monstrous threats and achieve his personal ambitions.

Main Characters

Certainly! Here’s a brief overview of some key characters from “Solo Leveling”:

  1. Sung Jin-Woo:
    • Initially the weakest E-rank Hunter who is often looked down upon by others.
    • His quest is to become the strongest S-Rank Hunter.
    • Unique Attribute: Gains a unique ability to “level up” by completing quests from a mysterious system only he can interact with.
  2. Yoo Jin-Ho:
    • A D-Rank Hunter and Jinwoo’s loyal friend.
    • Comes from a wealthy family and later becomes the vice chairman of Jinwoo’s guild due to his loyalty and commitment.
  3. Go Gun-Hee:
    • Not much detailed information was available, but he is listed as a main character in various sources.
  4. Cha Hae-In:
    • Also listed as a main character in the series. Further details might be available in dedicated fandom pages or character overviews.
  5. Hwang Dong-Su:
    • Listed as a main character. Further information might require a deeper dive into character analysis pages or fandom resources.
  6. Tusk, Kaisel, Beru, Jima, Greed, Bellion:
    • These characters are listed under a section on TV Tropes, suggesting they have significant roles or unique attributes, but detailed descriptions weren’t available in the initial search.

The relationships among these characters mainly revolve around hunting missions, guild activities, and the overarching quest of Sung Jin-Woo to rise through the ranks and protect humanity from the monster threat.


“Solo Leveling” stands as a significant piece within the broader manga and manhwa industry due to several reasons. Its emergence and success have contributed to the rising global appreciation for Korean manhwa, alongside the established Japanese manga culture. By introducing a unique blend of RPG (Role-Playing Game) elements with a compelling narrative and distinct art style, “Solo Leveling” has captured the attention of readers globally, further bridging cultural and linguistic barriers.

Moreover, the series resonates with the growing trend of isekai and fantasy genres within the manga/manhwa industry, embodying a fresh take on the “level-up” trope commonly seen in these genres. Its popularity has also drawn attention from the anime industry, a testament to its storytelling quality and appeal, marking it as a potential candidate for cross-medium adaptations.

In the cultural realm, “Solo Leveling” adds to the diversifying narrative styles and themes explored in modern manhwa, reflecting on contemporary issues such as societal hierarchies and the human spirit’s resilience in facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

For readers considering exploring this manga, “Solo Leveling” offers a richly built world, with well-designed characters and a storyline that keeps one engaged. Its unique take on power progression and the protagonist’s journey from being the weakest to aspiring for the pinnacle of strength provides a satisfying and inspirational narrative arc. The series also opens a window into the expanding and vibrant world of Korean manhwa, making it a worthy read for both seasoned manga/manhwa enthusiasts and new readers alike. Through engaging with “Solo Leveling,” readers not only delve into a captivating story but also partake in the broader dialogue of evolving manga/manhwa culture and its intersection with global audiences.

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