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“Spare Me, Great Lord!” is a manhua (Chinese manga) penned by the author known as The Speaking Pork Trotter. This manhua delves into the life of Lu Shu, an orphan possessing supernatural powers, who navigates a rapidly changing world at the onset of a magical era. With the return of spirit energy, individuals fervently harness this newfound power, except for Lu Shu who, through his Negative Emotion System, becomes stronger by taunting others. His initial intent is to protect his younger sister, yet the changing times compel him to adapt and grow stronger.

Published initially in 2020 by the publisher 91 Acqq, the manhua has continued to unfold with an ongoing status. Besides its print presence, “Spare Me, Great Lord!” also transitioned to the screen with a TV series adaptation in 2021, mirroring the manhua’s narrative while bringing forth more humor compared to the comic version.

Though explicit data regarding its reception and impact on the manga industry wasn’t readily available, a few platforms like Anime-Planet and MyAnimeList have listed the manhua and its related anime adaptation, indicating a certain level of recognition and following within the manga and anime communities. Additionally, the manhua has a presence on Baka-Updates Manga, a platform that tracks manga series and allows users to keep tabs on their reading progress, rate series, and engage with a community of fellow readers.

Plot Overview

“Spare Me, Great Lord!” unfolds in a transformative era where the revival and return of spirit energy have engendered a fervent pursuit among individuals to harness this newly accessible power. This change isn’t just personal but also global, affecting societies and setting the stage for a magical epoch. Amid this magical resurgence, Lu Shu, the protagonist, finds himself uniquely positioned due to his Negative Emotion System which, contrasting with others, empowers him through taunting others rather than the direct harnessing of spirit energy.

Lu Shu is an orphan with supernatural abilities, whose life takes a unique turn with the dawn of this magical era. He, along with his sister Lu Xiaoyu, embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities, aiming to navigate and adapt to the changing circumstances around them.

Initially, Lu Shu’s primary goal is the protection of his younger sister. However, as the narrative unfolds, he’s compelled to adapt to the broader changes sweeping across his country and the world. His Negative Emotion System poses both a boon and a bane, rendering a unique set of challenges and adversaries on his path. As Lu Shu and his sister traverse this evolving world, they encounter various hurdles that test their bond, abilities, and resolve.

The overarching narrative blends action, comedy, and fantasy elements, offering a vibrant and intriguing setting for readers to explore. Through Lu Shu’s journey, the manhua delves into themes of family, power, and the weight of responsibility amidst a world in flux.

Main Characters

The characters in “Spare Me, Great Lord!” each bring unique attributes and relationships to the table, enriching the narrative with a mix of humor, action, and familial bonds, all set against a backdrop of a world burgeoning with magical potential.

  1. Lu Shu:
    • Role: The protagonist of the story, Lu Shu, is at the center of the unfolding narrative. He navigates the challenges brought about by the revival of spirit energy in a world transitioning into a magical era.
    • Attributes: Lu Shu possesses a unique ability known as the Negative Emotion System, which allows him to grow stronger by taunting others. This distinct power sets him apart from others who harness spirit energy in more conventional ways.
    • Relationships: Lu Shu shares a close bond with his younger sister, Lu Xiaoyu, and much of his initial motivation stems from his desire to protect her.
  2. Lu Xiaoyu:
    • Role: As Lu Shu’s younger sister, Lu Xiaoyu accompanies him on his journey to adapt to the changing world and hone his abilities. She is a key companion and ally to Lu Shu.
    • Attributes: While the specifics of her powers aren’t outlined in the provided summaries, her presence and partnership with Lu Shu are integral to the narrative.
    • Relationships: Her relationship with Lu Shu is central to her character, depicting a strong sibling bond that drives much of their shared narrative.
  3. Tianxiang Yang, Zhao Shuang, Ketsu, Haojia Li (TV Series Cast):
    • Role: These characters are listed as part of the cast in the TV series adaptation of “Spare Me, Great Lord!”, which suggests their significance in the story, potentially as allies or adversaries to Lu Shu​1​.
    • Attributes: While the specifics of their powers or roles are not provided, their inclusion in the series indicates their importance in the unfolding narrative.
    • Relationships: Their relationships with Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, as well as their place in the larger world of the story, contribute to the development of the plot.


“Spare Me, Great Lord!” provides a glimpse into the creative diversity within the broader realm of manhua (Chinese comics), showcasing a blend of cultural, fantastical, and contemporary elements. While it may not have been highlighted for a seminal impact on the manga industry, its narrative richness and unique storytelling approach contribute to the broader tapestry of the evolving manga and manhua landscape. The transition of the manhua into a TV series underlines its appeal and the potential for cross-media storytelling within this genre.

For readers, “Spare Me, Great Lord!” offers an engaging foray into a world where the conventional and the magical coalesce, challenging its characters in humorous and dramatic ways. The manhua’s blend of action, comedy, and fantasy, intertwined with themes of familial bonds and personal growth, provides a multifaceted narrative that can be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Moreover, exploring this manhua can serve as a gateway to appreciating the wider realm of manhua and understanding its place within the global comic culture. The unique cultural and imaginative lenses through which the story is told add a distinctive flavor to the narrative, enriching a reader’s exploration of the genre.

In summary, “Spare Me, Great Lord!” holds a charm in its unique narrative approach, endearing characters, and a blend of humor and action that makes it a worthy read for those looking to delve into a magical, evolving world filled with adventure and camaraderie.

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