Star-Embracing Swordmaster Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

The manga “Star-Embracing Swordmaster” revolves around a character named Vlad, who grows up in the slums and has always admired knights. Following an incident where he is struck by black lightning, Vlad begins hearing a voice, and his life takes a drastic turn when a knight of blue moonlight appears one day​. The manga is available on Naver Webtoon and has received a rating of 4.021 out of 5 from 63 votes on Anime-Planet​. Although the specific creator(s) of the manga were not identifiable from the current resources, it’s mentioned on MangaMirror as one of the most popular manga in various genres including Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, and Martial Arts​​.

The series is adapted to Manhwa, indicating its Korean roots, and contains elements of Aristocracy, European Ambience, Knights, Male Protagonist, Nobles, Revenge, and Sword Wielder​.

Plot Overview

In “Star-Embracing Swordmaster,” the story unfolds in a world that has a medieval European ambiance, featuring aristocracy, knights, and nobles. The manga embodies a blend of fantasy and martial arts, creating a setting where mystical events and martial prowess shape the characters’ lives and the society they live in.

The protagonist, Vlad, is introduced as a vagrant child from the slums who has always looked up to knights. His life takes a mysterious turn when he is struck by black lightning, post which he begins hearing a voice. The appearance of a knight bathed in blue moonlight heralds a significant change in Vlad’s mundane slum life, propelling him into a journey filled with adventure and challenges​.

Vlad’s ultimate goals are not entirely laid out in the initial chapters; however, it’s implied that he yearns for a life beyond the grim reality of the slums, possibly aiming for knighthood or a higher standing in society given his admiration for knights. The primary challenges he faces initially revolve around the mysterious voice he begins hearing post the lightning incident and the sudden entanglement with mystical and knightly affairs, which are far removed from the life he has known in the slums. The manga hints at a path of self-discovery, revenge, and perhaps, a quest for honor or nobility as Vlad navigates through the unfamiliar, dangerous yet adventurous world that opens up to him.

Main Characters

The manga series “Star-Embracing Swordmaster” doesn’t provide a plethora of information regarding key characters besides the protagonist, Vlad. However, here’s a breakdown of the few characters and elements mentioned:

  1. Vlad:
    • A street urchin from the slums who aspires to become a knight​.
    • His life takes a turn when he is struck by black lightning, post which he starts hearing a mysterious voice.
    • Encounters a knight of the Blue Moonlight who appears with a goal that threatens Vlad’s world​.
  2. Knight of the Blue Moonlight:
    • Appears suddenly in Vlad’s life with a goal to destroy Vlad’s world​.
  3. Unidentified Old Man:
    • Mentioned in a context where his polished sword, representative of his unfulfilled dream, shines brightly. This seems to symbolize a theme of unfulfilled aspirations in the story​.
  4. Authors and Artist:
    • The series is authored by Hong Dae-Wui and Q10, with Juno as the artist​.

The narrative seems to hinge significantly on Vlad’s experiences and his interactions with the mystical and knightly elements of the world he gets entangled with.


“Star-Embracing Swordmaster” is a journey of self-discovery, adventure, and the quest for honor, set in a vividly imagined world. Readers who delve into this manga will follow Vlad’s transition from a life of destitution to a path filled with mystical and knightly adventures. The blending of martial arts and fantasy within a European medieval setting might offer a refreshing narrative experience, bridging different cultural and genre elements.

Furthermore, the manga’s availability on platforms like Naver Webtoon makes it accessible to a global audience. The initial favorable ratings and its popularity in terms of bookmarks on manga reading platforms hint at an engaging storyline that has captured readers’ interests​.

In conclusion, “Star-Embracing Swordmaster” could be a compelling read for those intrigued by a blend of adventure, fantasy, and self-discovery, set against a richly imagined backdrop. The narrative promises a mix of action, mystical occurrences, and the age-old theme of a quest for a better life, which are core elements that often resonate with manga enthusiasts.

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