Terror Hunter Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

The “Terror Hunter” manga series showcases a scenario where sinister monsters, referred to as “The Terror,” appear in a city, distorting minds and turning people into demons. Government officials and businessmen respond by creating a floating city to remotely control the world, although most people continue living on the ground​.

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Plot Overview

In “Terror Hunter,” a city becomes plagued by malevolent monsters known as “The Terror,” who either attack or mentally corrupt individuals, turning them into demons. In response, influential figures create a floating city to regulate the world from afar, leaving the majority to endure the hardships below. The protagonist, whose specific goals are not outlined in the available summary, likely faces the challenge of navigating this menacing world, combating “The Terror,” and perhaps uncovering underlying truths behind the floating city and the sudden appearance of the monsters​.


The importance of “Terror Hunter” within the broader manga industry or cultural context is not clear due to the limited information available. However, its unique premise of a city besieged by malevolent forces, and a distinct separation between the governing elite and common folk, may offer a fresh narrative angle. Readers might find “Terror Hunter” an intriguing exploration of societal hierarchies and the human spirit’s resilience amidst supernatural adversities. Its potential to blend action with a thought-provoking story could make it a worthwhile read for those seeking something different in the manga realm.

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