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“The Beginning After The End” is a popular manga series written by TurtleMe and illustrated by Duta Permana, also known by the pseudonym Fuyuki23. The story is categorized under the genres of fantasy, action, and comedy, and has been well-received by readers, particularly for its engaging narrative and well-drawn artwork.

The manga is an adaptation of a novel by TurtleMe, and both the novel and manga are available on the digital publishing platform Tapas, where they are updated weekly. The manga has also been translated into multiple languages including Korean, Japanese, Thai, Mandarin, and French, making it accessible to a global audience.

The manga initially existed in digital format, but due to its popularity, it was picked up for physical publication by Yen Press, with the first volume being released in August 2022. The release was a significant success, ranking as one of the bestselling graphic novels upon its release, and outperforming many top-selling manga and webcomics in its debut week. This success led to the announcement of continued physical releases for subsequent volumes, with Volume 2 scheduled for release in February 2023, and further volumes planned for release throughout 2023 and 2024.

On digital platform Tapas, “The Beginning After The End” stands out as one of the most read series, boasting more than 13.3 million webcomic views and 14.4 million novel views, summing up to a combined readership of around 28 million. This remarkable readership figure indicates the substantial impact the series has had within the manga and webcomic community, displaying a strong following and significant influence in the digital publishing realm.

In terms of its impact on the manga industry, the success of “The Beginning After The End” in both digital and print formats signifies a noteworthy instance of a webcomic transitioning into a physical publication, demonstrating the potential for digital creators to achieve mainstream success through traditional publishing channels. The positive reception and commercial success of the series also contribute to the growing popularity and acceptance of non-traditional manga and webcomics within the broader manga industry.

Plot Overview

“The Beginning After The End” is set in a fantasy world governed by martial ability, where King Grey, the protagonist, possesses unparalleled strength, wealth, and prestige. Despite his might, King Grey experiences solitude and a lack of purpose, reflecting a deeper internal struggle. Upon his reincarnation into a new world filled with magic and monsters, he gains a second chance to relive his life and aims to correct past mistakes. The new world offers an opportunity for self-discovery and addressing prior regrets, although it presents its unique set of challenges as well.

This new setting is not without its own problems, as underneath the apparent peace and prosperity lurks an undercurrent that threatens to undo everything King Grey strives for in his second chance at life. His rebirth challenges him to re-evaluate his role and the reasons for his existence anew, hinting at broader existential themes explored in the narrative.

King Grey’s primary goals revolve around navigating this new world, correcting the errors of his past, and discovering a sense of purpose and fulfillment that eluded him in his previous life. His journey involves facing the various adversities the new world throws his way, while also battling the loneliness and existential crises that come with great power and a fresh start in a novel, yet perilous, realm.

The challenges that King Grey faces are twofold: external threats from the magic and monstrous entities of the new world, and internal battles stemming from his desires to amend past mistakes and find a new purpose. This dual struggle encapsulates the overarching narrative of “The Beginning After The End,” making it a rich tale of self-discovery, adventure, and the quest for a meaningful existence amidst a fantastical backdrop.

Main Characters

In “The Beginning After The End” manga, several key characters play pivotal roles in the narrative, intertwined by familial, social, and professional relationships. Here are brief descriptions of some of the principal characters:

  1. King Grey/Arthur Leywin: The protagonist of the story, King Grey, is reincarnated as Arthur Leywin in a new world. He retains his memories from his past life, which is a unique attribute setting him apart from others. As Arthur, he endeavors to navigate this fresh start, facing challenges both from external threats and internal dilemmas stemming from his past life’s regrets.
  2. Leywin Family: The Leywin family is presumably Arthur’s new family in the reincarnated world, which may have significant roles in his life, supporting him through his endeavors and sharing emotional bonds.
  3. Xyrus Academy Students and Staff: These characters might be associated with an educational or training institution that Arthur attends to hone his skills and learn about the new world’s magic and martial systems.
  4. Various Families and Guilds: The existence of different families and guilds like the Twin Horns Party, Helstea Family, Eralith Family, Glayder Family, Greysunders Family, and Xyrus Adventurer’s Guild implies a structured and possibly hierarchical society. These entities might have distinct roles, powers, or attributes, contributing to the social dynamics and conflicts within the story.

The manga seems to have a rich ensemble of characters each with their unique roles, relationships, and potentially distinct powers or attributes contributing to the complex narrative.


“The Beginning After The End” encapsulates a noteworthy trend in the manga and webcomic industry, demonstrating the growing acceptance and popularity of digital creations transitioning to mainstream, traditional publishing. Its success in both digital and print formats exemplifies a significant milestone in the evolving landscape of manga and webcomic publication, marking a path for digital creators to achieve mainstream success. The series’ ability to garner a vast readership online, followed by a successful physical publication, underscores a broader shift towards a more inclusive and diverse manga industry that embraces non-traditional formats and origins.

Moreover, its compelling narrative interwoven with themes of self-discovery, existential reflection, and adventure in a richly crafted fantasy world contributes to the broader cultural appreciation of imaginative storytelling. The manga’s exploration of a protagonist navigating a second chance at life resonates with universal themes of regret, redemption, and the human quest for purpose, making it a culturally significant piece that transcends the typical bounds of the genre.

For readers, “The Beginning After The End” offers a blend of engaging storytelling, well-drawn artwork, and profound thematic explorations. Its unique take on reincarnation and self-discovery set against a backdrop of a fantastical world rich with magic, martial arts, and social intrigue provides a fresh and captivating reading experience. The series invites readers to traverse alongside King Grey (Arthur Leywin) through a journey filled with adventure, emotional growth, and the promise of redemption. This manga is not only a narrative delight but a testament to the evolving and inclusive nature of the manga industry, making it a worthy exploration for both seasoned manga enthusiasts and new readers alike.

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