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The Beta’s Unexpected Mate Novel – In the shadowed depths of fear and suffering, Apollonia’s life had been an unending nightmare. For seven long years, she had been held captive, relentlessly pursued by merciless men who sought to exploit her for their own sinister purposes. With every ounce of strength in her, she ran, a desperate fugitive fleeing her tormentors, desperately yearning for a sliver of safety.

As she sprinted through the wilderness, the thought of salvation fueled her every step. She harbored a glimmer of hope, a fragile dream that she might find refuge among the ranks of the White Fang pack. Yet, deep within, she carried an agonizing question: would her presence only unleash a storm of troubles upon her newfound sanctuary?

Apollonia, scarred and traumatized, arrived at the border of the White Fang pack, her heart a tumultuous blend of apprehension and longing. In the midst of this uncharted territory, she couldn’t feel the elusive mate bond, the cosmic connection that should have tied her to her destined partner. She questioned whether her tumultuous journey had extinguished the wolf within her, leaving her bereft of this vital connection.

Oliver, the steadfast Beta of the White Fang pack, had resisted the allure of finding his mate, his heart steadfastly yearning for one special woman he had cherished for as long as memory could recall. But when Apollonia crossed his path, everything changed. In her, he saw nothing but her—a captivating force that eclipsed all others. However, the fates played a cruel trick as she remained oblivious to the profound bond they shared, and the unexpected twist of another mate’s presence further complicated their path.

Trouble loomed ominously on the horizon for the White Fang pack, fueled by the arrival of their enigmatic guest, Apollonia. Oliver was faced with an arduous challenge—to protect the mate who had captured his heart, even as they navigated the treacherous waters of uncertainty and danger.

In “The Beta’s Unexpected Mate,” the fifth installment of the HIS ALPHA series, the stage is set for a tale of love, mystery, and the unyielding determination to overcome the darkest of adversities in a world where destiny takes unpredictable and thrilling turns.

About the Novel

Title The Beta’s Unexpected Mate
Author Nani Akamaia
Publisher GoodNovel
Genre Comedy, Werewolf
Language English

Synopsis of The Beta’s Unexpected Mate Novel

Fear. Fear is all I have known. Well, fear and pain. I run as fast as I can trying to escape the men chasing me. to use me for their own gain. If I can outrun them, then I will be safe. My only hope now is finding a pack that will protect me, but will it only bring my troubles to my new pack? ******************************************* Apollonia has feared for her life the last seven years as she was held captive by men who want to use her for what they think she will bring them. One day she manages to escape and makes it to the border of the White Fang pack, but will this pack be able to help her? Is Apollonia destined to bring troubles to the borders of White Fang? And what of her mate? She can’t feel the mate bond. She isn’t even sure she has a wolf anymore. Oliver is the Beta of White Fang and the last of the ranked members to find his mate. He shuns the idea of finding his mate, only wanting one girl for as long as he could remember, until she comes along. She changes everything. Any thoughts he had of another slips away as he sees only her. She doesn’t feel the bond they share…and what about the other mate? The unexpected one? When trouble arises in White Fang because of the new guest, will Oliver be able to protect his mate or is he destined to lose her before he even gets her? **This is the fifth book in the HIS ALPHA series and it is a REVERSE HAREM**

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