The Crow Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

“The Crow” manga series, released in 2023, portrays a scenario where individuals turn into ‘ghouls’ upon death and enter the physical realm to wreak havoc. The narrative follows Zhang Zha, a mere delivery boy, who inadvertently ventures into a haunted house, leading to a ghoul breakout. This incident prompts characters from various factions to emerge, with Zhang Zha evolving through a series of adventures and battles as a mysterious scroll about modern Jianghu gradually unfolds alongside.

The author and artist of this manga are both credited as 墨飞 (Mofei). The genres encompassed within this work include Action, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, and Shounen. As of the last update, the manga is ongoing. The series has an average rating of 5 out of 5 based on four reviews and is ranked 96th with 1.4K monthly views on the platform where it’s hosted.

Plot Overview

In “The Crow” manga, a realm exists where life and death are intertwined, creating a gateway for souls to traverse to the mortal world, often bringing calamity with them. The inadvertent actions of a food delivery driver named Zhang, who stumbles into a haunted house, sets off a chain of events that thrust him into a world of supernatural occurrences.

The protagonist, Zhang Zha, initially a mere delivery boy, finds himself embroiled in a crisis following a ‘ghoul’ breakout triggered by his accidental intrusion into a haunted dwelling. As the narrative unfolds, various factions and individuals make their appearance, each with their own agendas. Zhang Zha’s life becomes a whirlwind of adventures and battles, gradually leading him into the mysterious and complex world of modern Jianghu. Amidst these challenges, Zhang Zha grows both in character and ability, while a mysterious scroll about modern Jianghu slowly unfolds alongside, hinting at a larger narrative at play.

The primary challenges faced by Zhang Zha stem from the dangerous and unpredictable nature of the ‘ghouls’ and the complex relationships and rivalries among the different factions that emerge in the story. His goals evolve over the narrative, initially centered on surviving the dangerous circumstances he’s found himself in, and later potentially leaning towards understanding and navigating the complex world he’s become a part of. Through these trials, Zhang Zha’s character is tested and shaped, promising a rich and evolving narrative as the story of “The Crow” unfolds.

Main Characters

The protagonist, Zhang Zha, is a delivery boy who gets entangled in a supernatural crisis involving ‘ghouls’ after accidentally entering a haunted house. As the story progresses, individuals from different factions make their appearances, each bringing their own complexities to Zhang Zha’s journey. For a more detailed understanding of the characters, their roles, relationships, and unique powers, I would recommend reading the manga.


The importance of “The Crow” manga within the broader industry or cultural context hasn’t been distinctly outlined in the available resources. However, its unique narrative blending modern-day scenarios with supernatural elements may offer readers a fresh perspective within the manga realm. Its exploration of life, death, and the supernatural could resonate with readers seeking a thrilling yet thoughtful narrative. Engaging with “The Crow” manga could be an enriching experience for those interested in exploring the themes it delves into, while also appreciating the artwork and storytelling characteristic of the manga genre.

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