The Savior is Ruined Manga [FULL CHAPTERS]

“The Savior is Ruined” is a manga series set in a fantastical world where magic and mythical creatures are commonplace. The narrative follows Theodore, a hero revered as the “Savior,” whose life spirals into turmoil when he’s wrongly accused of committing a terrible crime​. While the story in some descriptions revolves around a male protagonist who transitions from a savior in various worlds to a show-off on Earth, which is revealed to be a realm designed by adversaries​.

This manga encompasses a rich mixture of genres including Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Supernatural, Isekai, and others, and features elements like reincarnation, time travel, and demons​. The narrative appears to be a blend of engaging adventures, comedic instances, dramatic twists, and supernatural elements, which contribute to its appeal.

The creator of “The Savior is Ruined” is mentioned as 弱才 (which may be a pseudonym or a character-based name) on one of the manga websites​.

Plot Overview

In “The Savior is Ruined”, the setting is a fantastical one where magic and mythical beings are a part of everyday life. The protagonist, Theodore, known as the “Savior,” is celebrated for his heroism in this whimsical realm. However, a stark twist in his fate occurs when he is wrongfully accused of a grave crime, a pivotal moment that sets the tone for the narrative​.

As for Theodore’s goals, initially, they are likely aligned with maintaining peace and justice, given his esteemed title as the “Savior”. However, post-accusation, his objectives might shift as he navigates through the accusations and the subsequent adventures that unfold.

The primary challenges Theodore faces stem from the false accusation and perhaps the subsequent quest to clear his name, along with dealing with the real culprits and the sinister plots he may uncover along the way.

In an alternate description, the male protagonist, presumably Theodore, transitions from being a savior in various worlds to becoming more of a show-off on Earth, which is revealed to be a realm crafted by adversaries. This scenario suggests that a substantial challenge is the protagonist’s struggle against the deceptive facade of Earth and possibly battling the foes responsible for the deceit.

The manga hence portrays a rich, multi-genre narrative intertwining elements of adventure, drama, comedy, and supernatural occurrences, making “The Savior is Ruined” a captivating read that propels the protagonist through a series of unforeseen and dramatic events.

Main Characters

Character details for “The Savior is Ruined” are currently not available on typical manga character databases like Anime-Planett. It might be too early or the series might not yet have a significant following to have detailed character databases updated. For in-depth character insights, you might want to read the manga directly or check back on character databases or manga community forums at a later date as the manga progresses and gathers a larger readership.


“The Savior is Ruined” offers a captivating blend of genres, showcasing a rich narrative interplay of adventure, drama, fantasy, and supernatural elements which reflect the diverse storytelling potential in the manga industry. Its unique premise challenges the conventional hero narrative, inviting readers to explore a multifaceted protagonist navigating a complex, fantastical world. This manga could be a refreshing read for those keen on delving into stories with unexpected twists, rich world-building, and a nuanced exploration of heroism amidst adversities.

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